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All Smiles in Midtown

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My first experience with braces left me with a bite issue due to treatment that wasn’t done properly.   I have a business in Midtown and became anxious thinking I would have to have braces while talking to my customers.  However, Invisalign treatment gave me more confidence to put my best foot forward and provided me with more flexibility!

Orthodontic Arts Appliances

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At our practice, we strive to provide patients with personalized, timely and efficient care. One of the main components to achieve this goal is an in-house laboratory. Many practices send their appliances to large national laboratories. However, at Orthodontic Arts, we have strived to keep a personalized touch by designing and making all of our appliances in house.

You Teach, We Treat


Far too often educators aren’t recognized for their long hours in the classroom and impact they make to the youth in our state. Orthodontic Arts is making an effort to recognize amazing educators in Oklahoma through You Teach, We Treat.

Thanks for sharing this journey with us!

Orthodontic Arts Dr David Birdwell

A year ago we opened the doors to Orthodontic Arts in Midtown. It has been an exciting adventure full of wonderful families and memorable smiles. Read more about this exciting adventure!

Visiting the Orthodontist at an Early Age

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​Is there ever a good time to be early? It’s always a good idea to arrive early for an interview, movie and to beat traffic. But is it really a good idea to see an orthodontist early? Absolutely. At around 7 to 8 years of age, permanent teeth have erupted or are beginning to erupt in children, particularly their first molars and incisors.

Staff Appreciation Week Highlight: Angie & Terri

Angie and Terri

Angie and Terri bring lots of joy to our office! Read more about their impact on our practice.

Staff Appreciation Week Highlight: Beth


Beth has been working with Dr. Birdwell’s team for 23 years! Read more about Beth and the many reasons why we appreciate her.

Staff Appreciation Week Highlight: Linda


We’re excited to continue to highlight members of our staff for Orthodontic Staff Appreciation Week! Read more about Linda and the many ways she contributes to our practice!

Orthodontic Staff Appreciation Week

Dana Ortho Appreciation Week

June 6-10 has been designated Orthodontic Staff Appreciation Week by the American Association of Orthodontists and I’m excited to recognize the amazing folks that make our office special. Each one of them is immensely talented, gifted and loving. Let’s kick off the week highlighting Dana Murcer!


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We are hardwired to take notice of a smile.

It is more than just a pleasing expression.

Read on to learn more about the recognition of a face and a smile.