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Staff Appreciation Week Highlight: Angie & Terri

Angie and Terri

Angie and Terri bring lots of joy to our office! Read more about their impact on our practice.

Staff Appreciation Week Highlight: Beth


Beth has been working with Dr. Birdwell’s team for 23 years! Read more about Beth and the many reasons why we appreciate her.

Staff Appreciation Week Highlight: Linda


We’re excited to continue to highlight members of our staff for Orthodontic Staff Appreciation Week! Read more about Linda and the many ways she contributes to our practice!

Orthodontic Staff Appreciation Week

Dana Ortho Appreciation Week

June 6-10 has been designated Orthodontic Staff Appreciation Week by the American Association of Orthodontists and I’m excited to recognize the amazing folks that make our office special. Each one of them is immensely talented, gifted and loving. Let’s kick off the week highlighting Dana Murcer!