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Orthodontic Arts partners with Wilson Elementary School to showcase artwork

Wilson Elementary and Orthodontic Arts 2

Throughout the year, our office is fortunate to highlight various artists from across the state. Our current display is from the students of Wilson Elementary School. Many of our patients attend Wilson Elementary and we feel incredibly grateful to support their art program. The mission of Wilson Arts Integration Elementary School is to further students’ learning through the arts while promoting creative thinking, problem solving and responsible citizenship.

Thank you, Wilson Elementary, for letting us be involved in your mission!

Why Are Invisible Braces Better?


Post Title Patients with misaligned teeth often face social stigma and physical problems, due to which they seek secretive solutions. Fortunately, experts in the field of orthodontics have come up with a great innovation that not just helps in treating misaligned teeth but also helps keep your ongoing dental treatment under cover. This blog post [...]