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Ways to Prevent Bad Breath – Take Care of Your Invisible Braces

Post Title Do you feel ashamed while talking to others? Do your friends always keep a safe distance from you? If it is a common thing that happens to you due to your bad breath, you should fix it right now. There could be several reasons for bad breath including digestive issues or having bad [...]

What is a Phase I treatment?

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Phase I orthodontic treatments are designed to intercept a developing problem and guide the growth of the jaw bones that support the teeth. The goal of a Phase I treatment is to create a better environment for permanent teeth. Read more to see how our patients benefit from two phases of treatment.

The Major Differences Between Traditional Braces and Invisible Braces

Post Title People around the world with problematic orofacial appearance due to misaligned teeth know how it can affect both their personal and professional life. Such teeth also lowers a person’s self-esteem drastically. They tend to isolate themselves in a corner and prefer to stay away from any social gatherings. But a wise citizen would [...]

7 Ways to Avoid the After-Effects of Wearing Clear Aligners

Post Title People often ask if clear aligners are troublesome or not. To answer straight, there isn’t any pain while putting the aligners on or starting the treatment, but yes, there would a feeling of discomfort for obvious reasons. Our body does not accept any foreign object easily and that is why it causes discomfort. [...]

What Are the Best Invisible Braces for You?

Post Title When everything around us evolves technology and improves it, the technology of dental braces is not left behind. Medical science has made it easy for people with ill-shaped teeth to look good when they smile. Researchers invented braces to align teeth in the normal shape. But, there are problems with this. The braces [...]