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5 Symptoms Indicating You Need Braces

July 9, 2018

5 Symptoms Indicating You Need Braces

We often ignore our oral health even though it needs special care and maintenance. Unless we are facing severe pain or difficulty while eating, we often delay visiting the orthodontist. This is a huge mistake. Though Orthodontists can be consulted at any age, children especially should be taken as soon as the initial symptoms present themselves to avoid any future complications.

Discussed below, are the five issues you should be aware of to help you avoid bigger concerns down the road. If you or your child can relate to any of these symtoms, Orthodontic Arts welcomes you to visit them for a consultation on braces in midtown, OKC.

Crowding Malfunction

This is the most common scenario where people need teeth straightening by an orthodontist. Having Ill shaped teeth or a gap can harm a child’s self-esteem and as a consequence of the overcrowded formation, the teeth get crooked, making the child feel even worse. Gradually, brushing and flossing become more complicated and the teeth fail to get cleaned. It can result in an accumulation of plaque, tooth decay, bad breath and gum diseases.

As soon as you notice teeth starting to go out of shape, acquire the help of braces in midtown, OKC, so these future problems can be prevented.

Biting Issues

A normal set of teeth has both jaws touch each other evenly while biting. This helps to crush food properly and eases the digestive process. However, with badly shaped teeth, several biting issues can occur. They can be categorized into four types:

  1. Overbite:This term refers to the vertical and horizontal overlapping of the teeth. The overbite can be noticed if the upper set of teeth sticks out further than the teeth on the bottom. Depending on the severity, this can risk injury to the front teeth, reduce oral durability of cosmetic fillings and cause issues with digestion.
  2. Crossbite:This is just the opposite of a vertical overbite. In a crossbite the upper teeth grow behind the lower teeth. Delaying in the correction of this issue can cause fractures of both lower and upper teeth, asymmetric jaw growth, gum infection and many other difficulties.
  3. Underbite:This happens when the entire set of front teeth is behind the lower ones. The jaw is directly associated with it and may cause an imbalanced facial appearance, facial ageing as well as difficulty in biting and chewing.
  4. Open Bite:This is the most awkward condition where the two sets of front teeth do not touch each other. This can result in severe speech problems.

Connect with Orthodontic Arts for a wide variety of braces in midtown, OKC. They are equipped with several different types, including Invisalign to correct these issues according to your preference and needs.

** Disclaimer: The above post is not intended to be medical advice or create a relationship between doctor and patient.