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About Clear Aligners: The Process, Benefits and Limitations

November 19, 2018

About Clear Aligners: The Process, Benefits and Limitations

Ill-shaped teeth are indeed worrisome for anyone. When your smile, the best accessory you may ever wear, is badly affected by your ill-shaped teeth, you have to take steps to fix the situation. The evolution of medical science has made the treatment process even easier and more effective than ever. Orthodontists are there to help you to shape teeth your teeth.

You may think that the only treatment for aligning teeth is getting braces, which is metal wires attached with brackets. They are completely visible from the outside and can ruin your charm even more. Many people prefer keeping their crooked teeth because they hate the metal braces.

However, there is now a solution! You don’t need to have metal braces on your teeth and get embarrassed. There are clear aligners for you to solve the problem of shaping up your teeth, without anything being visible. They are removable and virtually invisible.

You must be wondering how clear aligners would shape the teeth if there is no proper metal to hold anything in place. Like traditional braces, clear aligners are also designed to move teeth in small steps. Before treating patients, the orthodontists take their time to examine the patients and do an initial diagnosis that includes impressions, photographs, X-rays, digital scan and many other things. Thereafter, the treatment process starts.

The treatment process determines if any teeth need to be removed, if so, in which order and how to guide the teeth into a healthy position. They ensure that the patient has a healthy bite, which is to say, the top and bottom teeth should fit together. Over-scheduled time period, the teeth get moved to their desired position with the pressure created by the aligners.

clear aligners

The performance of the clear aligners solely depends on how the patient is abiding by the set of rules and regulations. Wearing the aligners according to the instruction of the orthodontist will give even better results than the metal ones. Many people say that it is a benefit of the aligners that those are removable, but many utilize it badly; they skip wearing it for the scheduled hours a day. As an obvious consequence, they don’t get the desired result within the estimated span. Moreover, the guideline to clean the aligners and the diet restrictions should be maintained as well. Otherwise, the clear aligners will be stained and it will look awful. The right material to clean the aligners is also important, otherwise, you may have to wear a new set of aligners before the time.

Many people ask if the clear aligners are right for them. Well, it cannot be determined without checking the condition of the patient. The patient should consult with the orthodontists for the checkup and diagnosis to determine whether they can undergo the treatment of clear braces or not. Come to Orthodontic Arts and get yourself a thorough checkup and treatment whatever needed.

** Disclaimer: The above post is not intended to be medical advice or create a relationship between doctor and patient.