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All Smiles in Midtown

December 12, 2016

My first experience with braces left me with a bite issue due to treatment that wasn’t done properly.   I have a business in Midtown and became anxious thinking I would have to have braces while talking to my customers.  However, Invisalign treatment gave me more confidence to put my best foot forward and provided me with more flexibility!

My experience with Dr. Birdwell and his staff is nothing short of absolutely amazing! I have always dreaded the orthodontist since I was little but I actually look forward to seeing Dr. Birdwell.  From the minute you walk in the door, you’re greeted by a smile. I enjoy getting to catch up with the ever-patient and great listener, Dr. Birdwell. The entire visit is simply delightful.  I don’t know of any business in Oklahoma City that is more friendly and caring than Orthodontic Arts.

Having a store/business in Midtown is truly the best experience.  It’s like living in a space that your friends come to visit.  Building relationships with fellow neighboring businesses and my customers is extremely rewarding. I love learning about each person who walks through the door, their kiddos, spouses, vacations and being able to help them find a special gift.  We cheers to job promotions, have puppy adoptions, celebrate engagements and graduations, prepare for birthday adventures and even had a wedding in the shop!  Life is celebrated inside the four walls of The Black Scintilla.

I truly have so much to be happy about and I’m proud of the smile I have received from Orthodontic Arts.



Photos by Choate House