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Artist Spotlight: Bianca Roland

October 29, 2020

Artist Spotlight: Bianca Roland

Orthodontic Arts holds a special area for local artists to showcase their work. The wall has represented many different mediums ranging from quilts, photography, and recently, Bianca Roland’s beautiful paintings.

Orthodontic Arts shows a picture of their local artist Bianca Roland As patients wait patiently for their appointment we’re able to showcase various artists. At night, this wall is visible from many parts of Midtown, Oklahoma City. We pride ourselves for opening this space to local artists as an opportunity to support creativity and growth within the city.

Our current artist, Bianca Roland, started painting four years ago as a process of healing. When she first started painting it was for her own enjoyment and creative expression. “I started painting more seriously about 2 years ago,” said Roland. “I realized that it was something that I truly love to do, and around that time I began seeking opportunities to show my work and to get involved in the wider arts community here in Oklahoma City. Art is like a meditation for me. It’s one of the few activities that can really quiet my mind. I’m inspired by that feeling itself, and when I’m in my studio painting and singing alone to my music I find a sense of peace and flow that is difficult to achieve in any other way. Externally, I love color, and I find inspiration in all kinds of other art and in nature, particularly anything vibrant and whimsical.


Roland is a member of a local artist collective called Art Group. She explained that local artists find that sharing their work on social media is helpful for their presence in the community. You can view her work at our office and on her Instagram page. Roland’s paintings are available for purchase.

Orthodontic Arts shows a picture of their artist spotlight Bianca RolandWe look forward to highlighting many more artists in the future. If you or someone you know is interested in showcasing their work please reach out to


Stay creative, OKC.