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Best Dental Monitoring in OKC

Wha tis dental monitoring? read this blog to learn more.

Orthodontic Arts strives to offer the most advanced dental technology. We pride ourselves on putting systems in place to allow for seamless appointments. Dental Monitoring in OKC is a safe and effective way to check in on patients using advanced dental technology. This monitoring service allows patients to use their smartphones at their convenience to […]

3 Best Teeth Straightening Options

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When it comes to the top best teeth straightening options there is the right treatment for anyone.  Read our Orthodontic Arts blog to find out which option is best for your unique circumstance. Each option provides a list of pros and cons, though some are certainly better than others. Here at Orthodontic Arts, we’ve identified […]

What Is The Best Toothbrush For Me? 

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Choosing the best toothbrush for you can be tricky, especially if you have never done so before. However, oral health care is essential, and toothbrushes serve every need. Suppose you have special dental conditions such as gum recession or extensive dental work. In that case, you should consider a dental cleaning device that will help […]

Smiles That Inspire: Debreon Davis

Smiles that inspire: Friend. Principle. Community leader. Smile maker.  Debreon wears many hats but our favorite might be smile maker! We’re thrilled to highlight her for our Smiles That Inspire series. She’s a lifelong resident of OKC Metro and is a high school principal in Edmond.  “I believe in the power of education and investing in […]

What are the Best Braces Color for You in 2023?

One of the most critical decisions is what color to choose for your braces. Below, we will discuss what factors to consider when picking the best colors.  The right tone can brighten your smile and make you feel more confident. However, not every pallet or shade is suitable for every person. It would be a […]

Invisalign vs Lingual Braces: What Is the Difference

Introduction So, you want braces. But there’s a problem: lingual brace types (attached to the back of your teeth) scare you, and Invisalign (clear plastic aligners) seems like too much trouble. What do you do? You choose traditional metal braces! Like Invisalign and traditional braces, Lingual brace types are all types of orthodontic treatment that […]

Expander Braces: Everything You Need to Know

Does your child need expander braces? There often comes a time for many parents when there is not enough moving room in their child’s mouth for all of their teeth to grow in naturally and without uncomfortable pain and aching. Expander braces or expanders for short can help increase that available space in the jaw […]

Tooth Decay With Braces: Prevention and Treatment


The Basics of Tooth Decay with Braces  For people with braces, taking care of their teeth is probably on their minds all the time, right? However, tooth decay can be a severe problem if not taken care of quickly. Contact our offices if you want to speak with our professional staff.   While brushing regularly and […]

Smiles That Inspire: Debby Hampton

Patient Highlight: Debby Hampton Our next smiles that inspire highlight is Debby Hampton who is currently the President and CEO of United Way of Central Oklahoma. “I am on my eleventh year at United Way and have loved every minute of my job,” said Debby. United Way of Central Oklahoma works in partnership with 55 [...]

3 Types of Bites in Dentistry and Fixes

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Types of Bites in Dentistry Ever wondered why orthodontics is so important? The answer is simple Orthodontists have many different solutions to the problems that people experience with their teeth. Still, before they can fix anything, they need to know what is causing the problem in the first place! This blog post will look at […]