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Learn About Your Braces Options!

May 24, 2019

Learn About Your Braces Options!

Orthodontic Arts OKC teaching you about your braces options.

You have options to achieve a more discreet look if you don’t like the look of the traditional metal braces. Three options include ceramic braces or clear braces, Invisalign or clear aligners and lingual braces or inside braces. It’s not just the treatment you have to think about. The advantages and limitations of each option are discussed here.

Ceramic or Clear Bracesbraces in OKC

The braces with clear brackets are ceramics. It uses tooth color and camoflages with your teeth more naturally. The form and size are identical to the metal braces. They are made of porcelain with a tooth coloring and a white archwire which means it is less visible on teeth. The older teenagers and adults who may have esthetic problems prefer it. Even the wires used are sometimes tooth colored, which reduces their visibility more. They need more protection than metal braces because they are larger and more fragile, as they are less prominent. They need additional protection, so they are used more on the upper teeth.

Lingual or Inside Braces

Metal braces as lingual braces are placed behind the teeth. Even silver or gold can be used for these metal braces. A standard shaped bracket is used as for traditional braces on the outside of teeth. After a tech 3D mouth scan of a patient, the brackets of the lingual braces are custom-made for every tooth. The therapy is very esthetic and less visible. However, during treatment, this may lead to mild speech difficulties.

Lingual braces are ideal for everyone who needs braces and does not want to be ‘seen’ wearing braces instead of aligners. Adult individuals are often interested in lingual braces as their appearance remains unchanged thoughout orthodontic treatment to the majority of the population around them.

Invisalign or Clear Aligners

Clear Alignments are plastic trays of medical quality which require no braces or cables. The aesthetic goals are therefore totally achieved here. Although they are placed inside, there are no food restrictions. People think they could have difficulty speaking, which is  not true. On the other hand, transparent braces are extremely hygienic and comfortable. Clear Aligners hide current gaps as well.

Invisalign is the only one that can be detached among the three options. Invisalign patients can take trays for a short time if they want for close-up pictures or an important event.

How Suitable Are These for Orthodontic Treatment?

Not everybody has the freedom to choose which option they most prefer. Not for all orthodontic cases in OKC, is Invisalign suitable. As orthodontics in OKC, we often have the tough task of telling patients that they are not good Invisalign candidates.

You must also be disciplined for the effective use of Invisalign. Patients have to wear trays 22–23 hours a day, meaning that they can only be out while eating, drinking and maybe sleeping.

There are options for not so visible braces like Invisalign in OKC when you are aware of how your teeth look during orthodontic treatment. Call Orthodontist Arts for a no-obligation appointment.

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**Disclaimer: The above post is not intended to be medical advice or create a relationship between doctor and patient.