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Types of Braces: Got Questions?


Dr. David Birdwell is a Board Certified Orthodontist, with extensive training in the specialty of straightening teeth.  Even what we call traditional braces are not the same as they were a few years ago.  New types of metals and ceramics, new designs of braces themselves continue to make the predictability of results better. We review new techniques as they become available to continue to provide our patients with the most up to date proven techniques. We use Damon and Damon like braces that reduce friction and allow the teeth to move more easily and comfortably.


Invisalign or aligner treatment allows the teeth to be moved utilizing clear removable aligners. Dr. Birdwell is also among the leading orthodontic specialists in providing Invisalign treatments.  Dr Birdwell has been involved in the treatment of many hundreds of cases.  He has done extensive continuing education and has spoke to several groups in regards to invisalign care. A computerized optical scan of your teeth is used to generate a series of aligners each worn for a specific time. Almost magically, you can watch your teeth straighten! Many cases that used to require brackets can now be treated predictably with aligners.




INVISABLE or LINGUAL BRACES can be an excellent alternative for those difficult treatments where esthetics is of the utmost importance. Lingual braces are customized braces that are placed on the tongue side of the teeth. This makes them invisable to the public but still as functional and effective as conventional braces. We are are highly trained in the use of Lingual appliances and they wil be happy to discuss this technique further during your complimentary examination.


Many advances in Orthodontic treatment continue to occur yearly if not monthly. Our promise to you is techniques will be reviewed and assured of their proven effects before offering these to you. Many times new gimmicky treatments can be used that waste time and money. Rest assurred what YOU receive at Orthodontic Arts will be proven treatments with the the most effective outcomes to help you achieve a HEALTHY, BROAD, BEAUTIFUL SMILE! 

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