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How Do I Treat My Crossbite?

July 22, 2019

How Do I Treat My Crossbite?

Learn how to treat a crossbite from Orthodontic Arts OKC.

A crossbite is a type of teeth misalignment that happens when a healthy bite is distorted, and your teeth do not fit together as they should. The upper jaw teeth are positioned slightly over the lower jaw teeth in a right bite. A crossbite may look like your upper teeth (or tooth) hiding behind your lower arch when you close your mouth or, in reverse, your reduced teeth overlap your upper teeth. You may need braces in OKC to get rid of a misaligned tooth.

Crossbites are hereditary in maximum cases. If someone in your family has a misaligned bite, you should pay a visit to an orthodontist and keep your oral health in check. Crossbites can also be circumstantial at some moment. If permanent teeth start to arrive before all milk teeth have fallen out, they may not have enough room to assume their correct position or grow properly. This may cause misalignment.

It can cause extreme discomfort, regardless of the nature of your crossbite or type, and can lead to a variety of health issues such as jaw pain, receding gums, and loose teeth. In the long run, like any other type of teeth misalignment, crossbites may lead in certain teeth chipping, sensitivity, and uneven wear to the enamel. Moreover, if your teeth do not close in an aligned bite, the muscles on your face may not be similarly involved, causing strain, neck pain, or even headaches. An asymmetric alignment of your teeth can harm your aesthetical appearance as well. Like any type of malocclusion (or misalignment of the teeth), crossbite can be treated. The earlier you address your crossbite, the reduced your chances of developing any associated orthodontic or dental issues.

What Are the Dangers of an Untreated Crossbite?

Crossbites can cause a multitude of health issues if left untreated. Crossbite patients report developing headaches and muscle tension due to the unusual stress placed on the jaw, along with dental problems such as teeth grinding, uneven wear to the enamel, and loss of teeth. In severe cases, crossbites can affect the development of the jaw and face, especially in young patients. In addition, a misaligned bite can leave a lasting mark escalating into a continuous bone and skull deviation on your face, speech impediments, and an unbalanced facial appearance.

How to Treat Crossbite in Children?

Children with crossbite should start therapy at an early age to increase their likelihood of complete correction and prevent any further changes or deviations in their bite. When the mouths of patients are still growing, orthodontists can intervene soon to regulate development and guide it in the correct direction. Therefore, most orthodontists suggest that crossbite be resolved and corrected even before all permanent teeth have erupted.

A crossbite carried over from infancy can cause serious pain in your jaw joint and the supporting muscles as you grow older. As a consequence, even easy movements such as opening your mouth while eating can be limited, causing significant discomfort.

Orthodontic Arts OKC operating on a crossbite.

Treating Crossbite in Adults

Although fixing crossbites while teeth and jaws are still developing may be quicker and less complicated, many adolescents with mild and moderate misalignment may get away with orthodontic braces. In some cases, surgery may be part of the treatment plan.

Most orthodontists will give various therapy choices that may include orthodontic braces to move the teeth in their right place, an expanded to widen the jaws, and aligners.

Treating a misaligned bite is more than investing in your oral health; it is being proactive about your general health and taking measures to avoid future problems. Healthy, even teeth can not only increase self-confidence, they can also give a better taste of life.

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**Disclaimer: The above post is not intended to be medical advice or create a relationship between doctor and patient.

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