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Damon Braces – Why It Should Be Your Choice

May 2, 2019

Damon Braces

A patient with damon braces at Orthodontic Arts OKC.

What Are Damon Braces?

Damon braces are a popular method for orthodontic treatment. This is a little different from conventional braces. It incorporates the use of brackets that close around the wire, rather than using rubber bands.

If you ask what the advantages of using damon braces are, many points can be brought up.

  • If you are worried about appearance, damon braces are actually less noticeable than conventional braces. But as there is also the option of invisible braces or Invisalign on the market, those may be a better choice when it comes to this aspect.
  • The expected time for treatment is quite important for most patients. And damon braces are quite notable in this area. They take less time than traditional braces. Generally, the expected time span is less than half a year or even shorter to get the most desired result.
  • Due to there being a lower amount of friction involved because there is no elastic or metal ligature, your teeth will be able to slide more comfortably. This is what helps to shorten the treatment time and it becomes less painful as well.
  • The elastic of the metal ligature can accumulate a lot of bacteria, which in turn can create plaque, and become discolored from food and beverages. The ligature is eliminated with damon braces, thus it is a better option for orthodontic treatment.


Due to their effectiveness, the orthodontists of Midtown, OKC recommend Damon braces for safe treatment. Teeth imperfections are unique to the individual and to get treatment for your specific problem, you should contact a proficient doctor that has ample experience in this area. You should consult our specialists at Orthodontic Arts and get your teeth shaped with the best possible treatment according to your requirements.

Braces no longer look or feel like braces of the past. New materials and techniques made the braces lighter, lower profile and easier than ever to wear. The Damon auto-linking braces are one of the most intriguing developments. You may remember that older braces have many wires and rubber bands to keep things in place. All this material had to be moved when the teeth went into their new positions. In the meantime, as the teeth were blocked by rubber and wire, it was difficult to keep teeth clean.

Damon braces are self-ligating braces, which use a toggle mechanism which attaches wires on the brackets to move the teeth naturally as they realign themselves instead of having brackets which tighten and regulate the braces regularly. This makes them more comfortable, look better and can deliver impressive results in less time.

Damon braces remove the cables and rubber bands connected. Rather, the braces are kept in place by a permanent component. Automatic bonding in most cases eliminates the need of headgear or external wires, making them also a winner in the category of appearance.

Advantages of Damon Braces

  • Appearance included. Optional clear brackets make them more cosmetic as they are virtually invisible.
  • Time for therapy. A comparative study revealed Damon treatments were complete 7.2 months earlier than those with traditional braces.
  • Less maintenance in office. The study showed that patients had to go in for adjustments for their braces manually for almost half of all appointments.
  • Low teeth pressure, which causes less pain. 60% less discomfort in Damon braces were reported by patients.
  • Less friction thus preventing teeth erosion.
  • Fewer places to accumulate nasty stuff on the braces like plaque and bacteria.

Orthodontic Arts OKC telling you about damon braces.

Tips for Proper Care

Once you invest in this treatment, you will not want it to be in vain. So keep these tips in mind for the best results. If you find yourself craving sweets, chips, soda or caffeinated drinks, try healthier alternatives instead. Junk food and sugary or caffeinated beverages are known for generating acid and plaque, which can result in a serious oral health problem. In addition to this, excessive mouth breathing, chewing hard candies, and pushing your lips against your teeth can damage the braces and cause health issues.

Cut your food into smaller pieces so that it is less likely to stick in the braces. Then, after every meal, clean the braces using a brush with soft bristles. Use fluoride toothpaste or mouthwash and rinse thoroughly.

Damon braces require patience, but the results are better and faster than those of traditional braces. Consult your orthodontist about whether Damon braces are the best option for you. Whatever you choose, the smile that results is what you deserve.

Latest Technology

With the traditional braces you can get your cheek or gum snagged on the brace wires, which has a small but painful risk. Damon braces have a smoother surface, which reduces this risk significantly. Due to the self-adjustment of the braces and the movements with teeth, patients needs appointments less frequently. You won’t need to come in to tighten or adjust. Teeth can move more quickly with self-ligating braces, but this can vary depending on the patient. The braces are also fairly comfortable in patients’ reports.

Another thing we like with Damon braces is that they adjust to the mouth shape as teeth change. Come to Orthodontic Arts for self-ligating braces when you are ready to get your beautiful smile.

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