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Complete Guide To Eating With Invisalign

March 27, 2019

Complete Guide To Eating With Invisalign

One of Invisalign’s greatest advantages is that it straightens your teeth without limiting your diet. In contrast to traditional braces, your invisible aligners are removable, so eating with invisalign gives you the freedom not to worry about lettuce being tucked into your brackets, or chocolate cake between your braces. However, while wearing Invisalign, there are certain dietary habits that you will want to avoid during your treatment. The advantages are worth the effort, however. Ultimately, a nicely aligned smile will make you feel that your need for a snack or a certain type of beverage has not compromised.

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What is the best thing about eating with Invisalign? No matter what you can or cannot eat, you must not to worry. Because you can remove plastic aligners, eat meals or snacks, clean your teeth and put your aligners back, you will have no problem eating stuff which might damage your aligners. During your treatment to straighten teeth without braces, you should keep the following foods in your diet.

Eating With Invisalign: Foods to Eat

Cheese – Cheese is rich in calcium and healthy fats, which are an excellent choice when you try to promote the health of your teeth. Studies have found that cheese not only gives you calcium but also increases your body’s pH, which reduces the hospitality of bacteria causing tooth decay.

Apple – Apples may be high in natural sugar and sweet, but they also have water and fiber. Your body generates more saliva when you eat an apple, which helps to remove bacteria from your mouth and any remaining food particles. The apple’s texture can indeed help to improve the well-being of your gums and remove food from your teeth.
Green Veggies – Can Greens help you maintain the health of your teeth? Most leafy greens are packed with the vitamins that help keep your bones healthy, particularly those with darker colors, like spinach and kale. The majority of leafy greens are incredibly high in calcium, for healthy enamel and what your body needs.

Almonds – You may want to add more almonds to your diet if you do not like dairy or are allergic to it. You will have the calcium you need, together with the right amount of protein, without any lactose or fat often associated with milk or milk food.

Berries – Dark berries may be rich in dark juices that may stain your teeth if you don’t keep them clean, but also high in vitamins and minerals to keep your mouth healthy. They contain a compound that could prevent plaque from attaching to teeth and a standard set of antioxidants and vitamins that generally keep your body healthy.

Learn about the best foods while eating with invisalign from Orthodontic Arts OKC.

Your Restrictions

Reduce Coffee

If you depend on coffee when your day starts, that’s all right. But make sure you won’t drink your favorite blend all morning long while using Invisalign. If you do not remove the aligners, they get stained quickly. Many drinks or foods you may eat will stain your teeth as well. Learn how to love water because it is the safest and best drink when you wear Invisalign.

Brush Regularly

You’re going to want your aligners to live in a clean area for the next few hours so brush your teeth after your meal or your snack. Stay ready during the day with small disposable toothbrushes.


When you wear Invisalign don’t chew gum. The adhesion impairs your orthodontic treatment, sticks to your aligners and damages them easily due to the properties of the gum and the constant chewing.

Eat without Aligners

You may get tempted into eating with Invisalign. But this is a strict NO when you are running the treatment to straighten your teeth without braces. The strong chewing force can damage or crack your aligners additionally this is messy inside the mouth.

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