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How to Clean Invisalign Trays

February 19, 2020

How to Clean Invisalign Trays

Invisalign aligners have so many benefits. To fully utilize these benefits, you must take care of your trays appropriately. If not cleaned properly, your aligners will become discolored with a buildup of bacteria. Neglecting to clean them will cause significant odor and damages your teeth. Other people will notice quickly. To ensure this does not happen to you, follow the below tips and tricks for taking care of your Invisalign trays.

1. Take Your Invisalign Trays Out Every Morning for Cleaning

When taking your Invisalign trays out every morning, it is important to clean both your teeth and the trays. Cleaning them out thoroughly will get rid of the buildup of bacteria that occurs on your trays every night. It is also essential for your oral hygiene to prevent further damage to your teeth. Do this every night before going to bed as well, to get rid of any bacteria buildup that happened throughout the day.

2. Rinse Your Invisalign Trays Anytime They are Removed

Remember to take out your Invisalign trays when eating says Orthodontic Arts.

It is important to rinse your trays anytime they are removed other than at night or in the morning. Keeping consistent with rinsing will prevent plaque buildup. After rinsing, do a light cleaning on your aligners utilizing clear anti-bacterial soap and a soft toothbrush to get rid of stuck-on particles. Always carry with you what you need to properly care for your aligners even when you are not home.

3. Soak Your Invisalign Trays Once a Day

Soaking your aligners once a day in denture cleaner or Invisalign cleaners will assist them in looking their best and smelling their best. When finished soaking, use a toothbrush to rid any stuck-on materials. Rinse them again after cleaning them with a toothbrush and put them back in your mouth. Your aligners will continue looking great and clean over your teeth.

4. Brush and Floss Your Teeth Before Putting Your Invisalign Trays Back in Your Mouth

Orthodontic Arts says you should brush your teeth before putting on Invisalign trays.

Keeping your teeth and gums clean is at the heart of oral hygiene. Not doing so will cause significant dental problems later in life. Brushing and flossing your teeth before putting Invisalign aligners back in your mouth will ensure a clean mouth. It will remove any bacteria that may have got on your teeth from the trays and will remove any buildup that may have already been on your teeth.

5. Do Not Leave Your Invisalign Trays Out in the Open

Ensure that anytime you remove your aligners, that you remember to place them in the case. Open-air may cause more of a buildup of bacteria. You also risk the potential of losing, damaging, or misplacing your aligners by leaving them in the open. Always have your case with you. If you do happen to forget it, be sure to rinse and clean your aligners before putting them back in your mouth.

6. Plan for Long Trips

It is crucial for your alignment, to switch to new aligners every few weeks. If you’re leaving for more than this length of time, it is vital to plan. Plan an appointment with your dentist to get your new aligners early and pack the new ones with you. If they are not ready in time, have the new aligners shipped to where you will be. Following these steps will ensure there are no problems in your treatment.

7. Remove Your Invisalign Trays When Eating or Drinking

The only thing you are permitted to drink with your trays in your mouth is water. For any other drink or food, take your aligners out. This will prevent stains on your trays and will prevent any food particles from entering your trays. Aligners are also not able to support the pressure of eating. Ensure you do clean or rinse your aligners before putting them back in your mouth.

8. Do Not Use Colored or Scented Soaps or Toothpaste to Clean Your Invisalign Trays

Avoid utilizing colored or scented soaps and toothpaste on your trays. Be sure to use only colorless and odorless toothpaste and soaps. Colored and scented toothpaste and soaps can create a buildup and can cause discoloration. The trays will also have an unpleasant taste and, eventually, an unpleasant smell if you utilize scented and colored soaps and toothpaste.

At Orthodontic Arts, our goal is to provide you with a healthy smile. We specialize in utilizing Invisalign treatments to give you that healthy smile. Be sure to take care of your Invisalign to ensure the most robust and effective results. By not taking care of your Invisalign, you run the risk of bacteria buildup, discoloration, and ineffective treatment and alignment. Get your perfect and healthy smile by cleaning and caring for your Invisalign effectively. It will be well worth it in the long run.

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