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Kill Bad Breath During Teeth Straightening Treatment

October 8, 2018

Kill Bad Breath During Teeth Straightening Treatment

We, Orthodontic Arts often receive complaints from several people that they are having problems with the aligners fitted in their mouth. They have a dry mouth and are facing problems with bad breath. This is indeed embarrassing. Be it a romantic date, a party or a normal conversation with friends or colleagues, bad breath can always put you in an embarrassing situation. After the installation of invisible or clear braces often people face this problem. The reason is lack of knowledge for maintenance or skipping it all together.

Here are some recommended ways you can avoid these embarrassing situations from bad breath.

Be Hydrated

What is the cause of bad breath? If you know the reason, you can uproot the problem. Dry mouth is one of the causes for bad breath. When our mouth becomes dry, it accumulates bacteria in it. The bacteria’s build-up creates a foul smell in your mouth and makes you stink. Dry mouth is also quite a common thing for people with aligners. In order to maintain the flow of saliva, which is a natural cleaner, you need to drink a lot of water during braces’ treatment. Also, you can chew sugar free mint gum and that will accelerate the flow of saliva.

kill bad breath with these tips while wearing braces

Keeping The Aligner Clean

Once you have put the invisible braces in your mouth, don’t forget about them. You have to maintain a cleaning schedule. After brushing your teeth, you need to use whitening foam to clean the aligners as well. Don’t wear it again without cleaning. After drinking anything other than water, rinse your mouth with water. Coffee or tea stains can create an awful effect on braces, be very careful or just skip those drinks during the treatment.

Clean Your Tongue

The tongue is a breeding place for bacteria. By brushing your teeth, you will be cleaning your teeth but your tongue will remain dirty and it can be responsible for bad breath. Using a scraper would be useful to avoid this issue. The scraper is designed with steel that is gentle but effective to clean the tongues surface.

clean your retainers to keep your breath smelling fresh

Be Particular With Toothpaste

Many people make mistakes while choosing toothpaste during the treatment of teeth straightening. Our orthodontists recommend using teeth whitening toothpaste that is designated for patients with invisible braces.

We have a team of professional orthodontists who will check, diagnose and recommend the right treatment for you. Along with this, they will provide you with the right guidelines as well to maintain the aligners and stay healthy and fresh.

** Disclaimer: The above post is not intended to be medical advice or create a relationship between doctor and patient.