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Smiles That Inspire: Taylor Doe

March 14, 2022

Our patients continue to impact us with their incredible stories and community involvement. Taylor Doe makes OKC a better place, and we’re lucky to have him as a patient. Thank you, Taylor, for sharing your gifts and inspiring us!

Taylor was born and raised in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. He attended the University of Oklahoma, and after graduating, an opportunity was unlocked, and he was able to do Community Outreach for a company in Oklahoma City. He helped start a character education program in multiple elementary schools on the Eastside of Oklahoma City through that job. Each week for six years, he celebrated, encouraged, and motivated 1,500 students through school-wide assemblies. This platform allowed him to build meaningful relationships with students and their families. However, his ability to impact people started back in college and turned into a V-Day tradition!

Taylor Doe Inspiring the community to smile.“While in college, a friend and I decided that we wanted to spread kindness on Valentine’s Day, said Taylor. “We bought chocolates, flowers, and cards and delivered them to ladies working at fast-food restaurants in Norman, OK. We were met with tears, hugs, and laughter and instantly knew this was something we wanted to do every year. That was 2009, and we are still going strong! About six years ago, a few of my mentees that I had met through the schools found out that I did Fast Food Valentines and wanted to be a part of the fun. When they got involved, I had to step it up. We dressed up in tuxedos, rented a limo, and made custom cards to give out with the chocolates. They continue to spread kindness one drive-thru at a time.  A major part of communicating kindness is through your eyes and your smile. We teach the young men participating in Fast Food Valentines by smiling with confidence. I want Oklahoma City to be known as a kind and friendly city. We need more people smiling confidently at one another for that to happen. I attended college with Dr. Brian Wilson and saw first-hand his dedication to excellence, so when I was ready to take the next step, there was no one else I could trust more with my smile. I can honestly say that I have found more confidence in spreading kindness because Orthodontic Arts helped me achieve the smile I have always wanted.”

Picture of Taylor Doe Giving back to the community.Taylor is working on a project right now to help people unpack their own stories hoping that this will help unlock more opportunities for everyone in Oklahoma City. You can learn more at www.andthenmoments.com. Keep inspiring, Taylor!