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Some Basic Facts About Clear Aligners

September 11, 2018

Some Basic Facts About Clear Aligners

Anthropophobia, the fear to be involved socially or shyness during social interaction is often the outcome of any physical defects. People with this mental problem face difficulty with socializing because they think they will be embarrassed. It is reported that many people suffer from this problem due to ill-shaped teeth creating low self-esteem. Adult consult orthodontists to help them with braces that can straighten their teeth, but what about the look of the metal wires on teeth? It is even more embarrassing for adults.

But now, with the help of evolving technology, braces have undergone some significant changes. And this evolution has brought with it clear aligners.

They are basically a brace but without the metal structure. It is completely transparent, structured by high-quality fiber that is virtually invisible. When someone wears a pair of clear aligners, people will not be able to see it, but they have the same effectiveness of conventional braces when straightening teeth.

There are some rules and regulations when using the clear aligners. If you skip this maintenance, you may fail to reach the desired result within the expected tenure. For ease of understanding, here are the two main principles to use with the clear aligners.

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For your teeth, you should arrange to produce an area of space using extraction or IPR and should know the proportion of the area needed. Despite the designing and predictions, there are many spots that can create problems. An excessively tight contact between teeth can make it climb on top of one another and unfastened contact can create a very odd-looking smile. Moreover, the disturbed shapes of teeth can create pressure on the gum and the nerves. An alignment is a very difficult thing to do and often for wrong alignment, the orthodontists will perform a reverse treatment.

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Generally, most teeth move with pressure and this is what the aligners use to reshape the teeth back to its normal space. But there are some teeth that are hard to move, and irregular movement can add more troubles to it. This category includes auxiliaries, molars, pre-molars etc. The movement also depends on the situation like the age and health of the teeth, intrusions, extrusions, dimples and many other factors. Only a professional hand can only handle this situation.

Call Orthodontic Arts for the right clear aligners and skillful installation after a thorough checkup.

** Disclaimer: The above post is not intended to be medical advice or create a relationship between doctor and patient.