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SprintRay 3D Printer: Technology That Accommodates Patient Needs

February 24, 2021

Technology That Accommodates Patient Needs

Our office is continuously researching and updating technology that can make treatment more efficient for our patients. Recently, we implemented a 3D printer to accommodate patient needs. Our SprintRay 3D printer allows us to make clear aligner trays, splints, retainers, and mouthguards right inside our brick and mortar in Midtown OKC. By leveraging our existing technologies, it’s just another option and convenience we can offer to patients.


Over the past couple of years we have implemented many services that make an orthodontic journey easier:

  • Nudge, our affordable in-house clear aligner treatment. This is awesome for patients that have minor alignment issues and starts at less than 1k for the entire course of treatment
  • Dental Monitoring which allows for patients to keep track of their Invisalign treatment from home. This service notifies Dr. Birdwell and Dr. Wilson of any new developments in treatment and allows our office to make quick and valuable changes
  • Virtual Consultations where we can offer fast and convenient information about your future treatment before you even step foot in our office.
nudge aligner system at Orthodontic Arts
dental monitoring at Orthodontic Arts

Our goal is to continue to offer ethical and efficient treatment options to our OKC residents. We believe in presenting treatment plans that result in a lifetime of a healthy bite and a confident smile. Here to help you on your smile journey in every way possible. Curious? Give us a call, shoot us an e-mail, or pop over to our smile assessment! 

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