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Staff Appreciation Week Highlight: Linda

June 6, 2016

I have worked with Linda for the past 21 years and it has been an absolute privilege.  She has been incredibly important to our practice.   Linda came to us with a background in banking and client service. She has done an amazing job facilitating financial arrangements for our patient families.  Linda does so much more, though.  She helps organize our staff and takes care of the human resources needs of our business. You can always count on Linda to get things done.  She is that behind the scene friend to all of the staff, and the one that everyone can trust. I’m truly grateful for Linda and the many hats she wears for Orthodontic Arts. 

Linda is married to Alan.  She has a grown son, Nathan, and daughter-in-law, Stephanie.  Linda loves spending time with her granddaughter, Emersen.

-Dr. David Birdwell

Get to know Linda a little better:

What do you do for fun?
I enjoy playing with my granddaughter, gardening and reading.

What is your favorite food?
Chocolate…enough said!

What is your favorite spot in Oklahoma City?
There are so many great places to go in OKC, it’s impossible for me to choose one! I’m really am a home-body, so I would say my favorite spot is home.

If you could go anywhere on vacation in the world, where would you go?
I’ve always wanted to travel to Europe, especially Italy.

What makes you smile?
Many things make me smile, but I’d have to say my granddaughter is the reason for my biggest smile!

What do you love most about Orthodontic Arts?
I love being a part of someone’s life-changing experience.  It’s all about the patient here and that’s the way it should be.

Why is having a beautiful smile important to you?
A beautiful smile is an important part of who you are.  When you have a beautiful smile, you have more self-confidence and it shows!