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What Can You Eat With Invisalign?

July 22, 2022

What can you eat with Invisalign?

So, you’ve got Invisalign? Congrats! You’ve begun your teeth realignment journey.

I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of information and heard of things to look out for, which might be overwhelming.

But, one of the most critical factors contributing to a successful Invisalign journey is your diet!

Some foods you can eat with Invisalign are great for your treatment. However, some foods may hinder your results.

Here at Orthodontic Arts, we’ve identified some foods you can eat with Invisalign and others you should avoid.

Which dairy products can you eat with Invisalign?

If you want to drink milk with Invisalign, we recommend removing your retainer beforehand. It is also our recommendation that you brush your teeth before you put them back on.

You should always remove your retainer before drinking anything other than water.

Yogurt and cheese are okay to eat with Invisalign. The calcium and protein they contain are suitable for your teeth. Plus, they are soft foods that won’t risk knocking your teeth out of place.

Which fruits and vegetables can you eat with Invisalign?

Crunchy fruits and vegetables high in water are great to eat while on Invisalign.

Think celery, carrots, or grapes! Be mindful of apples, however. If you want to eat apples, cut them into slices first.

Crunchy fruits and veggies are good because they can act like mini toothbrushes and help scrub your teeth’s surface.

Fruits and vegetables with high water content, like cucumbers or blueberries, help keep you hydrated, which promotes saliva production. Saliva is essential to a naturally clean mouth.

Remember, about 20% of our daily water consumption comes from food. So don’t skimp out on the watery fruits and vegetables!

Which pasta and rice can you eat with Invisalign?

Just about all pasta and rice types are great foods you can eat with Invisalign. When cooked, pasta and rice are soft and easy on your teeth.

Which meats and proteins can you eat with Invisalign?

Meats and proteins are the trickiest food to maneuver while on Invisalign.

Eggs, fish, beans, and other plant-based proteins are typically acceptable to eat with Invisalign as they are soft proteins.

Even meats like chicken, beef and pork can be okay. Tender cuts and slow-cooked meat are typically soft enough to eat.

Which foods should you avoid with Invisalign?

A caution symbol regarding what can you eat with Invisalign

Not all foods promote healthy teeth when it comes to eating with Invisalign. Here are some foods you should avoid to stay on track with your teeth alignment goals.

Jerky and Meat with Bones

Jerky is tough. It puts a lot of strain on your teeth and can leave remnants behind that can be difficult to brush or floss out.

Meat with bones, like ribs, bone-in steaks, or chicken wings, can harm your teeth while on Invisalign. One bite into a bone could offset a tooth and set your alignment journey back a few steps.

Hard Candies

This one should be obvious but needs to be mentioned. You should staunchly avoid hard candies while on Invisalign. They should also be avoided while on braces and after teeth realignment treatment.


This one is tough, but popcorn should be avoided while on Invisalign. The kernel flakes get lodged between your teeth and can be challenging to remove with brushing and flossing.

Also, an unpopped kernel can do just as much damage to your teeth as a bone.

If you choose to eat popcorn while on Invisalign, proceed with caution!

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