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What is a Phase I treatment?

August 22, 2018

Phase I orthodontic treatments are designed to intercept a developing problem and guide the growth of the jaw bones that support the teeth. The goal of a Phase I treatment is to create a better environment for permanent teeth. Although many children don’t need a Phase I treatment, it can be extremely beneficial for those that do! Benefits include being able to bite and chew more effectively, reducing risk of breaking teeth and overall long-term stability. A second phase of treatment moves permanent teeth into their final positions.











Hattie Mae, a patient at Orthodontic Arts, is being treated with a Phase I treatment. Her treatment is designed to be timed to predictable states of her dental development to create the greatest improvement.

“We are so grateful for the fantastic care and attention that we’ve received  from Dr. Birdwell and the whole team at Orthodontic Arts,” said Hattie’s parents. “It has made the process so much easier.”

Orthodontic care is not a “one size fits all” approach. Each patient has a unique problem that requires a special treatment plan. What is right for one child may not be right for the other. We recommend that families visit our office for a complimentary consultation to gather diagnostic records to create a proper treatment plan.