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What Makes Orthodontic Arts Different?

July 3, 2018

What Makes Orthodontic Arts Different?

A confident smile is the best attire you can wear at a business meeting. Your radiant smile will make the presentation more attractive, and you will win hearts easily. On the other hand, crooked or deformed teeth can suppress your confidence. But do not worry anymore! Orthodontic Arts, the best orthodontist in Midtown, OKC, employs specialists that you can count on. However, before you make an appoint with an orthodontist, you should know some important details.

The orthodontist will not fix your teeth or facial appearance overnight. You must allow the required time, which is six months to one year depending on the problem and treatment, but you will get positive results. Apart from expertise in this field, what makes Orthodontic Arts extraordinary? There are so many orthodontists available, so why should you choose us? Here are a few reasons:

Experience Talks

Experiences gathered over time help an orthodontist treat the patient best. Upon your visit, the orthodontist can correctly identify the problem and recommend the best braces or other treatment for you. In whatever condition your teeth are right now, be sure that you will receive the best and highest quality treatment from us.

No Hidden Charges

Prior to the treatment, you will come to know what exactly you will have to pay. The payment will include no hidden cost, extra bills or even extra charges for the retainer. We consider the retainer as a part of the treatment, so there is no hidden cost for the retainers. We eliminate all additional costs to make your experience better.


Before starting your treatment, one of our orthodontists in Midtown will analyze your dental condition. This analysis includes a thorough exam, digital x-rays and photos of your smile and bite. This analysis helps our orthodontists choose the proper treatment and determine the cost.

Flexible Time

You will get a flexible treatment schedule; visits to the orthodontist will not interrupt your work. You can arrange the appointment according to your convenience, and if needed, we can alter the schedule for you.

Emergency Service Available

Though we treat patients according to their appointments, we know that emergencies can come up. For sudden pain, a misplaced bracket or a bent wire, you can come to us at any point in time. For any sudden discomfort, our orthodontists in Midtown are always at your service.

Flexible Payment Option

We have developed a flexible payment option for long-term treatments. You do not have to bear the entire cost at the first appointment. Upon your arrival, we will discuss different plans and discount offers to bring you the best smile.

We do not want your radiant smile to fade away. Visit Orthodontic Arts in OKC today to get the best treatment. Our orthodontists in Midtown will help you with the most effective service through the latest treatment processes.

** Disclaimer: The above post is not intended to be medical advice or create a relationship between doctor and patient.