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Smiles That Inspire: Sam Grimmett

Patient Highlight: Sam Grimmett Oklahoma City is incredibly lucky to have Scissortail Park. It attracts a community of all ages and is the type of growth that’s so refreshing to see in Oklahoma City. Our newest Smiles That Inspire highlight is extremely familiar with the surroundings! Sam Grimmett started working at Scissortail one month before their grand [...]

Smiles That Inspire: Cody Lawson

Patient Highlight: Cody Lawson When Cody arrived at our office, it was no surprise to us that he was a servant to those in need. He radiates kindness and we’re thrilled to highlight the awesome acts he does for our community. Cody’s smile and story are sure to inspire you. At a young age, Cody [...]

 How Do You Know You Need Braces? 

How do you know you need braces?

 How Do You Know You Need Braces?  There is more to dental health than ensuring you have no cavities and mouth odor or that your teeth stay white. Often, people tend to brush off severe dental issues, especially if they have something to do with tooth or jaw alignment. In some cases, they have no […]

Orthodontic Arts New Patient Process

    Starting orthodontic treatment can seem like a daunting task that takes multiple appointments before putting the car in gear. However, the new patient process is really simple at our office! We have a three-step process, which can all be accomplished at the first appointment! In fact, most of our patients are getting started [...]

Are Retainers Supposed To Be Tight?

are retainers supposed to be tight

Are Your Retainers Fitting Correctly? A typical question after getting fitted for retainers is “are retainers supposed to be tight?”.  Typically, the retainers should be tight, and the rigid retainers will consistently stabilize the teeth. During an appointment, the orthodontist could evaluate the positions of the teeth, the effectiveness of the treatments, and the tightness […]

Timeline To Orthodontic Treatment

timeline to orthodontic treatment header

A Timeline To Orthodontic Treatment Since the early Greek philosophers and ancient Egyptian pharaohs, humans have searched for ways of straightening teeth. Today, modern orthodontics offer safe and effective treatment for people of all ages who want to have a straight and beautiful smile.  The American Association of Orthodontists advises that children have an orthodontic screening […]

SprintRay 3D Printer: Technology That Accommodates Patient Needs

Technology That Accommodates Patient Needs Our office is continuously researching and updating technology that can make treatment more efficient for our patients. Recently, we implemented a 3D printer to accommodate patient needs. Our SprintRay 3D printer allows us to make clear aligner trays, splints, retainers, and mouthguards right inside our brick and mortar in Midtown [...]

Braces Care: How To Take Care of Your Braces

Orthodontic Arts taking care of your teeth header

How to Take Care of Your Braces When your braces are in place, it is important to maintain proper braces care to keep your smile healthy. To keep your teeth and braces in condition, it is important that you regularly clean them and eat the proper foods. You should be careful with your oral hygiene […]

Teeth Cleaning On The Go

Orthodontic Arts shows you teeth cleaning tips

Need To Clean Your Teeth On The Go? Having clean teeth is important for your oral hygiene. Cleaning your teeth prevents you from having mouth odor, makes your teeth bright and white, and leaves you with fresh breath. You can keep your teeth clean by brushing after every meal, flossing, using a mouth wash to […]

Guide To Your Children’s Early Jaw Growth

Orthodontic Arts has a jaw growth guide

Parents’ Guide To Their Children’s Early Jaw Growth “Diseases can rarely be eliminated through early diagnoses or better treatment, but prevention can eliminate the disease” (Denis Parsons Burkitt). While a child’s jaw is growing, take all measures to ensure that it grows healthy so medical issues can never occur. Proper jaw growth has to do […]