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Smiles That Inspire: Debby Hampton

Patient Highlight: Debby Hampton Our next smiles that inspire highlight is Debby Hampton who is currently the President and CEO of United Way of Central Oklahoma. “I am on my eleventh year at United Way and have loved every minute of my job,” said Debby. United Way of Central Oklahoma works in partnership with 55 [...]

3 Types of Bites in Dentistry and Fixes

Types of Bites Dentistry header

Types of Bites in Dentistry Ever wondered why orthodontics is so important? The answer is simple Orthodontists have many different solutions to the problems that people experience with their teeth. Still, before they can fix anything, they need to know what is causing the problem in the first place! This blog post will look at […]

Smiles That Inspire: Khloe

Patient Highlight: Khloe Our young patients amaze us with so many courageous and cool things they’re doing for the community. Khloe especially stands out when we think of Smiles That Inspire. In 2017 Khloe started donating her hair to Wigs for Kids, an organization that provides hair replacement systems and support for children who have [...]

Caring For Retainers: Helpful Do’s and Dont’s

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 Caring for Retainers  Retainers are an extremely important part of orthodontic care. Failure to properly use a retainer can result in teeth shifting back to their original positions. This can be especially heartbreaking after all of the hard work put in wearing braces. To ensure this doesn’t happen, retainers should be worn nightly following braces […]

Smiles That Inspire: Ciara Amir

Patient Highlight: Ciara Amir We’re thrilled to highlight our patient, Ciara, for our Smiles That Inspire series. Ciara has a unique job as a Medical Micropigmentologist and trainer. She spends most of her days helping women transform their appearance through the art of permanent makeup. When she isn’t doing procedures, she is teaching other women [...]

Teeth Shifting After Braces? Heres Why

Why Are My Teeth Shifting After My Braces Were Removed? Uh oh! It’s been a few years since you’ve completed orthodontic treatment, and you’re wondering why your teeth are shifting after having braces. Did you know the #1 reason this occurs is due to the lack of retainer wear? Retainers are the only way to […]

Smiles That Inspire: Sam Grimmett

Patient Highlight: Sam Grimmett Oklahoma City is incredibly lucky to have Scissortail Park. It attracts a community of all ages and is the type of growth that’s so refreshing to see in Oklahoma City. Our newest Smiles That Inspire highlight is extremely familiar with the surroundings! Sam Grimmett started working at Scissortail one month before their grand [...]

Smiles That Inspire: Cody Lawson

Patient Highlight: Cody Lawson When Cody arrived at our office, it was no surprise to us that he was a servant to those in need. He radiates kindness and we’re thrilled to highlight the awesome acts he does for our community. Cody’s smile and story are sure to inspire you. At a young age, Cody [...]

 How Do You Know You Need Braces? 

How do you know you need braces?

 How Do You Know You Need Braces?  There is more to dental health than ensuring you have no cavities and mouth odor or that your teeth stay white. Often, people tend to brush off severe dental issues, especially if they have something to do with tooth or jaw alignment. In some cases, they have no […]

Orthodontic Arts New Patient Process

    Starting orthodontic treatment can seem like a daunting task that takes multiple appointments before putting the car in gear. However, the new patient process is really simple at our office! We have a three-step process, which can all be accomplished at the first appointment! In fact, most of our patients are getting started [...]