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How to Select the Right Braces Colors

July 19, 2019

How to Select the Right Braces Colors

Orthodontic Arts OKC shows you how to choose the right braces colors.

Today we teach you how to select the right braces colors! Your braces made up of metal brackets that are attached to your teeth during your treatment. A thin wire moves these brackets, held onto the site by small elastic bands, called ligatures.

The bands are available in a variety of exciting colors, ranging from clear and pearl to declaration colors like ‘fire red’ and’ bubble gum.’ For a special look and maximum impacts, you can even choose to combine two different braces colors in OKC at Orthodontic Arts.

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Braces Colors and Skin Tone

You can select braces to add to the tone of your skin. When your skin is dark or olive, choose shining gems such as gold, turquoise, violet or marine. If you have fair skin, it is better to look cool colors, so try silver, blue sky, pink light, or purple. Selecting colors based on the skin ton will also make sure your braces always look good with whatever you wear, as you will probably choose colors that flatter your skin naturally.

Braces Colors Correction

Recall that your braces can give your teeth a contrast so that your bands can be used to correct the color. If you are aware of how yellow or stained, your teeth are, select darker colors, so that your teeth may look whiter. Avoid bands of yellow or orange that don’t contrast and can make your teeth look yellow. While white may seem like a good idea, your teeth may look dull, and over time, white bands may stain, so you better choose a different color. Go to clear elastics if you want a color that is less noticeable. You should also avoid colors such as black, green, or brown because they can be confused with foods on your teeth.

Does Light Color Stain?

While light colors such as “white” and “clear” are less complicated, they can become more susceptible to stain, such as after a curry. So, you can choose something slightly darker if you are a fan of colorful foods. Grey or silver will be great choices if you want stain proof that fits your metal braces well.

Certain patients also decide that colors for food bits–e.g., green can be avoided. For obvious reasons, yellow is also quite unpopular! For stain proof braces in OKC, contact us.

Orthodontic Arts OKC offers many kinds of braces colors.

Brace Care

Every color that you choose to make sure your teeth, brackets, and elastics are clean and carefully maintained. Your orthodontist will give you tips to keep your braces clean and intact, for instance, to prevent sticky food, brush and floss twice per day. Taking care of your teeth means your elastics will remain clean and your colors will be vibrant until they are changed.

Clamping your style doesn’t need Braces. Your braces can improve your look with the right color choices until you are ready to show off your perfect smile. Choose carefully, and you will show your smile to the world long before your braces are released.

For braces in OKC, contact Orthodontic Arts. Find a suitable color.

**Disclaimer: The above post is not intended to be medical advice or create a relationship between doctor and patient.

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