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Can You Get Braces for Only Top or Bottom Teeth?

April 26, 2019

Can You Get Braces for Only Top or Bottom Teeth?

You can get braces on one side of your mouth at Orthodontic Arts

Patients often ask about the top teeth braces because either they have straight lower teeth or because they feel that they are not as visible, so they don’t see the point. More often than not, there’s someone interested in braces only on the bottom of the teeth. There are many factors which go in to choosing the correct course of treatment, and so we are taking time to assess your needs and concerns at Orthodontic Arts.

While braces only for top or bottom suits only some patients, for most, the treatment plan might not be an ideal one.

This is not so common to get individual arch treatment – only top or bottom teeth. Nevertheless, some patients require it. They might already have perfect teeth in one arch and want to fix another one because of spacing or crowding issues. One arch is sufficient to be treated orthodontically using conventional or lingual braces.

Single Arch Orthodontic Treatment – What Is It?

The use of braces on either the top teeth or just the bottom teeth involve single arch therapy. While some orthodontists put braces on the top teeth before they move into the bottom teeth, it’s a bit different and still involves both sets of teeth. If an orthodontist chooses only the top teeth or the lower teeth, they can only do this after looking at the bite or the relation between the lower and the upper teeth.

Braces for Top Teeth

While speaking, smiling or eating, our top teeth are displayed. Many people feel that they can improve the appearance of their top teeth. You may wish to have a bright smile that helps you feel confident, and as people don’t notice your bottom teeth, so you want to fix your top teeth. For that come to Orthodontic Arts for braces in OKC.

Braces for Bottom Teeth

Only lower braces are less prevalent than only top teeth. Lower teeth are not so visible when people smile as to make patients more likely to treat top teeth. However, when speaking, crooked lower teeth are evident so that patients can solve it with lower braces. Crowded and twisted lower teeth can also lead a biting problem that can be corrected by braces. Some patients are glad about their top teeth and want to solve the crowding problem only in their lower teeth.

Braces for the bottom of your teeth at Orthodontic Arts

Side-effects of Single Arch Treatment

With this single arch treatment, the bite is the most common problem. The bite has to do with the two arches and jaws. An orthodontist recommends conventional or lingual braces for both upper teeth and lower teeth for the most crucial reason: to fix an abnormal bite. When you have straightened teeth, you use braces to solve a crowding issue. For a spacing issue, a patient would want teeth to move backward. Throughout the treatment for crooked bottom teeth, the underbite becomes worse.

An overbite becomes stronger after treatment with crowded top teeth. With a deeper overbite chewing can be more difficult and making the top teeth injury prone. Thus, a single arch therapy can solve one problem effectively but can worsen a bite problem.

For braces in OKC to fix your orofacial appearance and bite, visit Orthodontic Arts. We have options of Invisalign, conventional and lingual braces according to your requirement. If single arch braces are what you want talk to our orthodontists about the best strategy for your teeth.

**Disclaimer: The above post is not intended to be medical advice or create a relationship between doctor and patient.