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Teen and Kids Braces Guide

June 17, 2024

Kids Braces

As a parent, you probably hope your kids never need orthodontic care, but it’s a major part of many children’s lives. Teen and kids braces are still the best way to correct most crooked teeth and misaligned bites. And they have changed over the years. Some kids braces still need to be a full metal set, but others can use clear braces and advanced retainers.

Orthodontic Arts is a leading orthodontic practice in Oklahoma City specializing in creating beautiful smiles for children and teenagers. Braces give young people a better smile and more confidence and protect their oral health. They should not dread them. 

Orthodontist for Kids Braces Near Me

When Can Kids Get Braces?

Suppose your child has misaligned teeth, spacing issues, or other dental issues. In that case, you should consult an orthodontist when they are between 7 and 10 years old. Sometimes, dental intervention can wait until your child has permanent teeth. Still, sometimes, action needs to be taken earlier. Severely crooked teeth or a pronounced overbite or underbite are easier to correct when a child is young, and their bones are still developing. Also, the treatment may be shorter for older children or adults with more developed bones.

Your young child will benefit from having a consultation at the first sign of problems so that the orthodontist can develop the best treatment plan for them.

Does it Hurt to Wear Braces?

Having braces put on should be painless, but they move teeth by using pressure. Your child may feel uncomfortable for several days after they get their braces and periodically during the treatment. OTC pain relievers are usually enough to stop the pain. If not, you should consult your orthodontist.

Kids Braces Guides Does it Hurt to Wear Braces

Orthodontists routinely tighten traditional braces to bring the teeth into better alignment. Traditional braces often feel uncomfortable right after they are tightened, but any discomfort should abate after a few days of adjustment. Clear braces can also feel uncomfortable at times.

Kds Braces FAQs

You can play the trumpet with braces, but you should discuss this with your orthodontist. You may have to adjust your technique, but in most cases, you can do it!

You can eat Sour Patch kids with braces, but you shouldn’t. Sugary, sticky treats are almost impossible to brush out of your mental braces so that they can cause plaque build-up. You may develop cavities and stains that affect how your teeth look after the braces come off.
Choose healthy snack choices such as yogurt, fruits, vegetables, and cut-up cheese to protect your teeth. Avoid the sugary, sticky stuff as much as possible, and you’ll be healthier overall.

This is an important issue for our kids braces guide. You may surprise yourself and adjust more easily than you anticipate. But some young people do indeed hate their braces. You can make wearing them less difficult if you picture the result. A while with braces can give you a life-long lovely smile.
You can also make your braces fun by choosing colorful bands and jazzing up your look. Many other kids and teens wear braces. Consider joining an online support group to discuss your feelings.

Kids Braces Guide: Braces vs Invisalign

Traditional metal braces are usually on the front of your teeth. Occasionally, they are put on the back of teeth, known as lingual braces. They use metal brackets, wires, and bands to move your teeth into alignment. These braces are still quite common and are often the best choice for severe oral problems.

Ceramic braces work by the same principles but use clear or tooth-colored brackets and wires. They are far less noticeable than metal braces as they move your teeth into a straighter position.

Invisalign is the most famous name in clear braces. While you must wear them almost constantly, they are difficult to see, so your appearance remains almost the same. With Invisalign braces, you wear a series of trays throughout your treatment. Each plastic aligner should bring your teeth closer to perfect alignment.

Metal and ceramic braces are often worn for several years. That’s how long it takes to get your teeth aligned so that they will stay in place. The average time for Invisalign treatment is 12 – 18 months. You wear them for a shorter period, but remember, they are inappropriate for all patients who want to straighten their teeth.

Your orthodontists offer several options to treat your crooked teeth. They will answer your questions and address your concerns. At Orthodontic Arts, you’ll find in-depth consultations to determine the best option for each teen. Plus, experts who can answer any question you have about kids braces.

Maintaining Your Smile: Life After Braces

After removing your braces, you will experience new freedom with maintenance and eating. You must wear a retainer to prevent your teeth from reverting to their original positions.

Do You Need to Wear Retainers After Getting Braces Off and for How Long?

Your orthodontist will choose the best retainer for you. You may need a wire retainer or be able to wear a clear plastic one. In any case, it’s essential that you follow your orthodontist’s instructions and wear it as often and for as long as they say. You may need to wear it nightly for the rest of your life, but that’s okay. They protect your hard-won smile.

Kids Braces Guide When Can Kids Get Braces

Creating Beautiful Smiles at Orthodontic Arts

At Orthodontic Arts, our experienced team of orthodontists specializes in kids braces and teen braces. We understand your child’s teeth cannot be treated like adult ones. We use advanced technology and the right type of braces for your child.

Do you worry that your child needs braces? Getting kids braces shouldn’t be a sad experience. We have created a fun and welcoming environment to make orthodontic treatment a positive experience for all our young patients.

After you read our kids braces and teen braces guide, why not schedule a free consultation at Orthodontic Arts to discuss your child or teen’s orthodontic needs?

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