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Smiles That Inspire: Sam Grimmett

June 9, 2021

Patient Highlight: Sam Grimmett

Oklahoma City is incredibly lucky to have Scissortail Park. It attracts a community of all ages and is the type of growth that’s so refreshing to see in Oklahoma City. Our newest Smiles That Inspire highlight is extremely familiar with the surroundings!

Sam Grimmett started working at Scissortail one month before their grand opening in their horticulture department. After taking the summer off to spend time with his daughters, he knew he wanted to use his arborist skills to better Scissortail.

“As an arborist, my main priority is trees. I’m looking for health and positive growth almost with the sole intention of casting shade over the park,” said Grimmett. “My long-term goal is a family sitting in the shade I have grown. Also, smiling with nice straight teeth! Otherwise, I spend my time as a cornerstone member of the horticulture department motivating and occasionally berating the staff around me.” 

“My wife has had very complicated orthodontic work done by Orthodontic Arts, so she recommended I have a consultation when I was having trouble with movement in my teeth. I couldn’t be more impressed with the results, or the friendly staff that work there. I’m a large guy, and I work in a dirty job. I’m dusty and disheveled, and sometimes I even wear a beard. Being able to smile at people and our park guests is wonderful. A big positive smile is the most friendly and disarming thing that we can offer. Scissortail Park is a great place to take a walk; please bring your shoes and your dog to stroll around and look at the beautiful trees. The trees are all still babies, so good luck finding some shade, but you might even see me there with a smile on my face!”

Thank you, Sam, for making Oklahoma City a more beautiful and shady place to be!