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Smiles That Inspire: Ciara Amir

July 12, 2021

Patient Highlight: Ciara Amir

We’re thrilled to highlight our patient, Ciara, for our Smiles That Inspire series. Ciara has a unique job as a Medical Micropigmentologist and trainer. She spends most of her days helping women transform their appearance through the art of permanent makeup. When she isn’t doing procedures, she is teaching other women how to elevate their lives with a career in permanent makeup. She truly knows how to make others feel beautiful! 

Ciara was referred to our office through her dentist.I was extremely self-conscious about getting braces after 30,” said Ciara. “The entire staff was accommodating to me and even did ceramic braces on my front facing teeth for a more transparent look to help me get over the insecurity of wearing braces later in life. Every single visit was pleasant, so much so I looked forward to them. During the pandemic, the staff was available to me via telehealth. I cannot write enough amazing things about this office. I’ve referred three of my friends since my treatment who are now undergoing treatment.”

“My new smile has given me so much confidence. I had no idea how insecure I was about the way my teeth were prior to getting treatment. Now I smile so much bigger and more often! If someone was on the fence about transforming their smile, I’d tell them the only regret they’ll ever have is not doing it sooner. A beautiful smile is an authentically confident smile. While my smile before was beautiful, it’s more beautiful now because of the real confidence that’s behind it.” 

Ciara is the proud owner of illumeOKC. With over a decade of experience within the cosmetic industry, Ciara has made it her life’s mission to restore confidence through the art and technology of cosmetics. She leads as one of Oklahoma’s most sought after and inclusive practitioners, with over 2,000 permanent makeup procedures under her belt. 

Thank you, Ciara, for inspiring us!