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Smiles That Inspire: Debreon Davis

January 5, 2022

Smiles that inspire: Friend. Principle. Community leader. Smile maker.  This is a picture of a smile that inspires us.

Debreon wears many hats but our favorite might be smile maker! We’re thrilled to highlight her for our Smiles That Inspire series. She’s a lifelong resident of OKC Metro and is a high school principal in Edmond.  “I believe in the power of education and investing in our youth and community through meaningful and intentional relationships,” said Debreon. 

“It has been fun to see the growth in our community throughout the OKC Metro over the past few years! I love hanging out with friends and trying new restaurants and especially love spending time outside enjoying nature and taking a break from the busyness of life. I appreciate the intentional opportunities for connection throughout our community during a time when we need it most.”

Debreon came to our office after she experienced some shifting as an adult. “For me, correcting my smile gave me more confidence in my role as a leader while speaking in public. It’s also made me more mindful to care for my teeth and smile and overall oral care!”


Debreon Davis has a smile that inspires us “Going through treatment as an adult initially took some adjusting but ended up becoming second nature. There was definitely a learning curve at the beginning as my treatment required the use of attachments and rubber bands but within a few weeks taking my trays out to eat became common practice. I do a large amount of talking in my line of work and was worried the trays would affect my speech but I had no issues! And, surprisingly, most people didn’t notice my trays! The staff at Orthodontic Arts was amazing and so supportive during the process. Everyone was professional and helpful and championed me to keep up the great work of wearing my trays to achieve that perfect smile!”

Debreon has a smile that is infectious and she’s a joy to be around. Thank you for inspiring us!

This is a picture of a smile that should inspire you.