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What Is The Best Toothbrush For Me? 

January 6, 2022

Choosing the best toothbrush for you can be tricky, especially if you have never done so before. However, oral health care is essential, and toothbrushes serve every need. Suppose you have special dental conditions such as gum recession or extensive dental work. In that case, you should consider a dental cleaning device that will help you with hard-to-reach areas. On the other hand, if you prefer to have a deep clean, you may feel like an intelligent power toothbrush that uses sensors to track your brushing pattern.

You may ask yourself questions such as:

  • What kind of bristles do I want?
  • How soft should my dental cleaning device feel on my teeth?
  • Do I need an electric or manual toothbrush?

 This blog post will help you figure out the best brush for your needs!

 Ecological or Eco-Friendly ToothbrushThis is a picture of a bamboo eco friendly toothbrush.

We throw away 23 billion plastic toothbrushes a year, which clog landfills and oceans. Bamboo toothbrushes are made from a natural material that needs little water and is entirely biodegradable. Suppose you are looking for more ways to save the environment; consider a bamboo dental cleaning device. Other eco-friendly toothbrushes include bamboo brushes with replaceable heads and toothbrushes made from recycled materials. Many of them also come with a traveling case as a bonus!

Ecological toothbrushes benefit the environment more than your teeth but may be worth it if this is important to you.

Chewable Toothbrush

Have you ever thought of a chewable toothbrush?

Recently, many people have turned to the best toothbrush for kids, the chewable toothbrush. Chewable toothbrushes are designed like an infant pacifier and can be rubbed on teeth to clean them. They provide less stimulation than many other best dental cleaning devise for adults. The best part about these brushes is that they can also help teething children!

Chewable toothbrushes are designed for adults and should be considered if you are prone to dental discomfort or gum disease. They are best for those with sensitive teeth who need help removing plaque from their teeth. Studies show that chewable dental cleaning devises are equally effective in removing plaque. They are great for otherwise unable to use a traditional toothbrush.

End Tuft Toothbrush

According to Gumbrand.com, the End Tuft Toothbrush is best for those with unique maintenance concerns such as orthodontics, implants, and other hard-to-reach areas of the mouth. This toothbrush has a more extended handle and comes with interchangeable heads that make it easier to clean all areas of your mouth. 


A sulcabrush is a type of toothbrush that has thin, curved bristles. These bristles clean the grooves and crevices in your teeth. The sulcabrush is excellent to work around braces, implants, or other dental work. It is also a perfect option for those who find it difficult to reach all mouth areas with a traditional dental cleaning device. In addition, it will supplement your flossing regimen or replace flossing altogether!

Interdental Brushes

Interdental toothbrushes are designed to slide between the teeth, helping you clean the sides no matter how “tight” your teeth are. Like the sulcabrush, the interdental brush is also suitable for anyone who struggles to floss their teeth. Since they come in various shapes and sizes, you can try several different ones to find the best fit for you.

Electric Toothbrush

Electric toothbrushes work by forcefully pulsating bristles that move back and forth rapidly against individuals’ mouths along the gum line and on the teeth. They might have various cleaning modes to help best remove plaque build-up.

There are various electric dental cleaning devices on the market, so it’s essential to do your research before buying. Consider battery life, charging time, brush head options, and price when purchasing an electric toothbrush. You should also decide which type of bristles you prefer- soft or hard.

You can also find electric toothbrushes with pressure sensors that notify you when brushing too hard. It is beneficial for anyone trying to be gentle on their gums! Some even have a minute timer to make sure you brush your teeth for the recommended amount of time.

With so many features available, there is an electric toothbrush for anyone. In addition, many electric toothbrushes come with extra toothbrush heads for easy replacements.

Manual ToothbrushThis is a picture of a variety of different toothbrushes that are manual.

Manual toothbrushes are the ones you get at the dentist’s office and buy at the corner store. Just because we have a bunch of new fangled toothbrushes on the market does not mean that the manual toothbrush is useless. The best benefit of a manual dental cleaning device is the price point; you can get one for cheap.

Dr. Saam Zarrabi, DDS, noted, “manual toothbrushes are still very effective when used correctly.” More expensive does not mean better. Manual toothbrushes are affordable, low maintenance, and easy to replace.

Smart Toothbrush

The smart toothbrush is an enhanced electric toothbrush. Sensors in the toothbrush will sync up with an application on your phone that you will run while brushing your teeth. The app will then display graphics to show which teeth you are brushing and how long you spend. It may even suggest better brushing patterns and motivate you to improve your brushing habits.

There are also intelligent toothbrushes that will track your brushing habits over time. The best benefit of a smart toothbrush is visual feedback. You can see where you need to improve and what areas to work on most! Intelligent toothbrushes are suitable for anyone who struggles with dental hygiene and may need an extra push.

Sonic Toothbrush

The sonic dental cleaning device is an electric toothbrush that uses high-frequency vibrations to clean teeth. These vibrations dislodge plaque and bacteria from the teeth and gum line, making them effective in removing tartar and keeping your smile healthy. 

Sonic toothbrushes are an excellent option for those who want an effective way to clean their teeth without spending much time.

DenTrust Three-Sided Toothbrush

The DenTrust three-sided toothbrush is a unique toothbrush that helps clean all mouth areas with ease. The triangular bristles can get in between teeth and around the gum line, making it an excellent option for those with difficulty reaching these areas with a traditional toothbrush.

Since it is designed to be gentle on the gums, this toothbrush is suitable for anyone who struggles with gum inflammation. The brush is also affordable and low maintenance, making it a good option for those on a budget.


Note that the best toothbrush for you depends on your needs. Here are some factors to consider when buying a dental cleaning device:

  • Head size and shape, either round or flat
  • Bristle softness or hardness
  • manual or electronic

If you are unsure which toothbrush is best for you, contact a dental hygienist at Orthodontic Arts OKC for a professional opinion.

Oral care is essential, but it shouldn’t be overwhelming. Think about what is necessary for your dental health when determining the best toothbrush for you. If you are concerned about gum health, consider a brush that will clean between your teeth, such as the sulcabrush or interdental brush. Similarly, if you have sensitive gums or teeth, a smart toothbrush with a pressure sensor may be your best bet. No matter what type of dental cleaning devise you choose, remember the basics of oral hygiene. Be sure to brush your teeth for two minutes at least twice a day, and don’t forget to floss!


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