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Learn About Invisible Braces 


Hidden braces, also known as invisible or lingual braces, are placed behind the teeth. This technique allows patients to enjoy truly invisible braces. Unlike traditional braces, hidden or invisible braces are customized to the shape of your teeth. If you are a good candidate for traditional braces, you are likely a good candidate for hidden braces. This technology is much more advanced today and allows treatment of more complicated malocclusions in a more aesthetic way to straighten teeth without traditional braces. Click here to schedule your free-of-charge first exam for Invisalign and Invisible Braces.

There are different reasons that people choose to get invisible braces put on their teeth, and you need to figure out if you might be interested in learning more about braces through us. We can help you understand the benefits of invisible braces, and we can help you figure out if they would work on your teeth and provide you with good results. Our team can explain how they work and what it would be like to have them in your mouth.

Invisible Braces Benefits

As an adult, you might be worried about how it would look for you to have regular braces on your teeth suddenly. You might be worried that people would look down on you or wonder why you did not help your teeth sooner. Visible braces can cause you to look younger than you are and make you feel self-conscious. We can help you learn about invisible braces for adults so that you can change the way that your teeth sit in your mouth through help from braces that go behind your teeth and are not seen by those who talk with you.

Braces do not have to be seen to affect your teeth and help them get straightened out. Those braces that are invisible can be just as effective as the braces that show each time you talk or smile. We would love to show you examples of people who have had their smiles transformed through help from braces that were hidden while worn.

We are Here to Discuss Your Teeth:

If you are interested in invisible braces for adults and want to learn more about the costs of having them put in place, we can help you get educated. If you would like to learn about the work required to care for your teeth while the hidden braces are in place, you can ask us any questions. We are waiting to discuss this braces option with you.

Impressionless Treatment

New technology with intra-oral scanners is eliminating the need to take impressions for diagnostic models and fabrication of appliances, such as Invisalign® aligners and retainers. Our highly trained technicians are able to capture a scan of your teeth within about 15 minutes, avoiding the need for antiquated impressions.