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Start your smile journey with Nudge

Is Nudge right for me?

​Nudge is the perfect solution to upgrade your smile with minor movements. Starting at just $890, our trained orthodontists adjust your smile with a clear aligner treatment. This cost-effective and convenient treatment is PERFECT for our patients with less significant misalignment issues. Nudge is for both teens and adults!

  • Clear aligner treatment as low as 3 months
  • Starting cost at $890 for minor upper or lower teeth and $1480 both upper and lower combined
  • Average treatment results in just 13 aligner trays or less
  • Fully monitored by Dr. David Birdwell and Dr. Brian Wilson
  • Options for online/face-time appointments for patients with busy schedules
  • Insurance accepted as well as HSA or FSA assistance
  • Additional treatment options offered with proportionate charges

Orthodontic Arts shows you a photo of their nudge solution.

What issues does Nudge address?

Maybe you’ve had full orthodontic treatment in the past but forgot to wear your retainers? Or possibly have some spacing that has crept open? Do you have that one front tooth that bugs you in pictures? No problem. These minor issues can be corrected in as short as 3 months with Nudge.

Will I be monitored by an Orthodontist?

Absolutely. Orthodontic tooth movement is a biologic process and should only be provided under close supervision of a certified licensed Orthodontist.  Nudge is an efficient and quick program and our team is  fully committed to create a healthy and stable correction. Unlike mail order aligners, this is customized for you and monitored by two local orthodontists. Nudge is a supervised program, which includes a full consultation to examine your needs and a full review of comprehensive records.