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Unveiling Nudge: Your Ultimate Guide to Clear Aligners for Teeth

February 19, 2024


Clear Aligners For Teeth

Teeth straighteners have changed drastically over the years. Clear aligners, however, have continually proven to be worth the cost. First brought into commercial use in the 1990s, these teeth aligners have only gotten more advanced, still keeping the simplicity. This ease of use and the affordable cost have made using clear aligners for teeth a popular option for anyone with teeth issues.

However, the recent closure of Smile Direct Club has forced many consumers to seek an alternative. Smile Direct Club was one of the leading providers of clear aligners for teeth. As a result, many alternatives have appeared to replace the former business, such as Orthodontic Art’s Nudge, a promising new clear aligner option filling the gap left behind.

Clear Aligners for Teeth Nudge Treatment OKC Orthodontist.

What Happened to Smile Direct Club?

For the nearly two million consumers worldwide who relied on the business for their dental needs, the company suddenly closing its doors was a shock. However, for savvy consumers who kept up with what was happening in the background, this closure was due to happen. After failing to find a partner to keep going, Smile Direct Club had no choice but to file for bankruptcy.

As for the consumers now left without a way to move their teeth without access to invisible aligners, a new alternative is now in their sights. Orthodontic Arts’ Nudge treatment has quickly risen as a well-trusted alternative to the former brand of aligners, and for good reason.

Are Clear Aligners Better than Braces?

For most people, the choice between braces or clear aligners is an easy one to make. Aligners provide many advantages over braces. Aside from severe teeth problems, most people will naturally choose to use aligners. However, they require you to stick with the instructions, meaning their benefits require high accountability.

The benefits that they do have, however, vastly overshadow braces. Not only are they a lot less noticeable than braces, but they can also be removed at will. In other words, aligners can (and should) be removed during eating, drinking, and other special occasions. It’s because of this versatility that Nudge has been able to provide its users with the next level of aligner technology.

Clear Aligners for Specific Dental Issues

One of the biggest misconceptions about clear aligners for teeth is that they are only suitable for minor dental issues. The reality, however, is that aligners work incredibly well for many dental issues. Overbite, for example, can be easily fixed using aligners. Aligners can gradually correct the misaligned teeth by slowly moving the teeth over time, leading to a better smile.

However, using an aligner can also treat other similar dental issues. You can correct a crossbite, an open bite, and an underbite using high-quality aligners like Nudge. Nudge has received constant praise for its power and precision in fixing dental problems.

Are Clear Aligners Better for Teeth than Braces?

Where Can I Get Clear Aligners Near Me?

One of the biggest issues that stop many people from fixing their dental problems by using clear aligners for teeth is that they don’t know where to get them. Thankfully, for OKC residents, Orthodontic Arts has become the premier source of aligner treatment thanks to the skilled team of experts.

For clear aligners in Oklahoma City, residents can have all the benefits of local treatment, such as fast treatment times. Likewise, a local visit can quickly answer whether their insurance can cover invisible aligners. It’s no surprise that many OKC residents will choose Nudge when trying to decide on the best clear aligners for teeth. For many, a Nudge consultation is their first step in building a more confident smile. 

How Painful Are Clear Aligners?

Pain is a big concern for many patients when it comes to dentistry. Luckily, aligner treatment is one of the most pain-free treatments available. A patient will rarely suffer mild to moderate pain or be uncomfortable after the initial honeymoon period. Because of this, it’s not surprising that many former patients who have used aligners see it as their treatment plan of choice.

With Nudge, comfort is a high priority in the design. That’s why many former Nudge wearers will swear on the aligner as the best choice when it comes to comfort. Thanks to the innovative approach by Orthodontic Arts, Nudge has consistently proven to be able to deliver maximum results. At the same time, you will still be able to minimize discomfort. 

Benefits of Clear Aligners

There’s a reason why more people than ever are choosing to use clear aligners for teeth. For example, like traditional braces, they allow you to continue smiling confidently without worrying about your appearance. Aesthetics are an important factor for many people, and for good reason.

Aligners also offer much more practical benefits. As an aligner only needs to be used 22 hours a day, you can take them off during meals or special occasions. This gives them extra versatility over more traditional orthodontic treatment. Some brands of aligners also offer other extra features. Nudge, for example, provides unique features that enhance the wearer’s comfort.

Will Clear Aligners Work for Me?

Everybody is different, and the average treatment can sometimes require unique treatment. One of the biggest benefits of choosing Nudge is fully using an individualized treatment plan. Unsurprisingly, many of the patients treated by Orthodontic Arts have found that their treatment is a resounding success.

However, this individualized treatment does mean that using Nudge aligners requires assessment. Follow your orthodontist’s directions closely, and keep your appointments.

Aligners Like Invisalign

There are many clear aligners for teeth on the market right now. Some of the other leading brands also provide many benefits. Using Invisalign for treatment is a popular option for many people aligning their teeth. Other brands also have their fair share of supporters. However, very few of these other products provide the support and comfort found in Nudge. 

Choosing Nudge for your orthodontic journey is a fantastic way to build a more confident smile. Not only is it one of the most comfortable brands of aligners, but it also brings many of the same benefits as the competitors.

Before and After Clear Aligners for Teeth Treatment.

Orthodontic Arts: Your Clear Aligner Destination

Although it won’t stop the need for brushing and flossing, Nudge is still a fantastic option for many dental issues. Not only are they extremely comfortable to use, but they also provide a high degree of flexibility rarely seen in clear aligners for teeth.

With Orthodontic Arts, you can be sure that your Orthodontic journey will be off to an amazing start. Taking the first towards this journey is easier than ever. Visit our website, call us, or visit our office today to schedule a consultation and take the first steps towards a better and more confident smile.

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