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Achieve a Confident Smile with Clear Braces at Orthodontic Arts in Oklahoma City

October 23, 2023

Orthodontic Arts provides clear braces in Oklahoma City. Compared to traditional metal braces, clear are far more discrete. Moreover, clear braces have a similar level of effectiveness to metallic brackets. If you are concerned about the process and benefits of this procedure, you are in the correct place. Our practice’s diverse service offerings can treat any number of dental conditions.

Clear Braces in OKC

Traditionally, metallic brackets were bonded to a patient’s teeth, creating a visible obstruction. These metal bands correct alignment, overbites, and underbites but can be uncomfortable. A modern and more preferable method of straightening teeth is clear braces.

This invisible technology differs from an Invisalign treatment plan but is similar. Nevertheless, typical invisible braces display superior comfort and convenience. Invisalign retainers can come out when you brush and floss, but invisible braces remain.

Clear Braces Near Me OKC Orthodontic Arts

Are Clear Braces as Good as Metal?

When selecting an orthodontic treatment, it is important to consider multiple options. Clear braces technology possesses several benefits in comparison to older metallic brackets. These include greater affordability and comparable results.

Both clear and metal braces bond to the teeth via dental adhesives. Clear brackets are not as hard on the teeth as metal, and they’re less visible. Consequently, they tend to be more aesthetically pleasing without sacrificing results.

Clear brackets and metal ones function very similarly to each other. They have similar timelines, restrictions, and impacts. The primary difference is the lowered visibility of the clear brackets. When you wear metal braces, everyone can see them as soon as you open your mouth. As a result, clear braces have less of an impact on daily activities.

Are Clear Braces Better than Invisalign?

When you pick where to get braces in OKC, you want to know they will accomplish results. Clear braces can help you to attain a straighter, more aesthetic smile. Plus, it accomplishes these enticing results without burdening your appearance.

Clear braces compare favorably to Invisalign plans, and they can treat severe cases. If you suffer from a serious malocclusion, they can correct the abnormality. Invisalign aligners work best on mild to moderate imperfections. On the contrary, transparent brackets demonstrate equivalent results to traditional metal braces.

Are Clear Braces Noticeable?

Many clients ask whether invisible braces are apparent from an outsider’s perspective. An additional concern often regards the brace’s customizability. Addressing these concerns is easy when you evaluate before-and-after photos of previous patients.

Although you can detect the presence of invisible brackets, they blend in with your teeth. These are ideal braces in OKC for patients concerned about their presentation. If you prefer a customized impression, colored elastics are available to purchase. You can adorn your brackets with a colorful decoration, showcasing some personality. A tooth-colored band would blend in best, but vibrant options are also available.

Clear Braces for Kids Oklahoma City Orthodontic Arts.

Braces in Oklahoma City for Kids and Adults

Members of all ages may benefit from braces in OKC. Adults are ideal candidates for this treatment. We can help you find clear braces for adults near me. Once someone has reached adulthood, their teeth and jaw have taken shape. Thus, corrections usually last longer, and retaining results is easier afterward.

Adults are not the only people capable of benefiting from this approach; kids can benefit a ton. At Orthodontic Arts, we create a unique, age-appropriate approach for each patient. Clear braces for kids are best suited for children as young as seven. Since children still experience bone growth, correcting issues early on can produce life-long impacts. This system can alleviate troublesome crowding, spacing, and narrow dental arches.

Unlike Invisalign for kids or adults, these braces stay on full-time and do not require frequent changes. Making it easy to fit them into schedules without disruption.

Invisible Braces OKC FAQ

Can Clear Braces Get Stained or Turn Yellow?

Many prospective patients fret about the possibility of discoloration. In some cases, yellowing may occur, but this is not typical. Frequent consumption of dark beverages, such as coffee, can stain brackets and wires. Simply using a straw can avoid much of this staining, so exercise caution when drinking. Clean teeth will promote fewer stains.

Can Clear Braces Fix an Overbite?

Braces are great for fixing overbites, especially when the overbite is due to misaligned or overcrowded teeth. The brackets and wires apply consistent pressure on the teeth, gradually moving them into the correct alignment.

Where Can I Get Clear Braces Near Me?

If you are looking for clear braces in OKC, our clinic can complete the procedure. Issues like overbites can be irritating and even interfere with chewing and speech. We can relieve these problematic occurrences and restore your jaw’s normal function.

Clear Braces vs Metal braces

Clear Braces vs Invisalign

When you get braces in Oklahoma City, you want to be positive it is the right option. Although these two techniques are often confused, there is a clear distinction. Invisalign are transparent trays; clear braces are wires and buttons that are transparent or tooth-colored.

Invisalign trays are not always the best or quickest tool to correct issues like an overbite, underbite, or crossbite. In contrast, the braces address these concerns. Since you wear them around the clock, compliance is simpler, enhancing outcomes. These are the superior choice if you want to maximize your benefits. Invisalign trays may be easier to clean, but they can be less effective. Plus, braces are usually cheaper, lowering costs.

Professional Braces in Oklahoma City

Orthodontic Arts can assist with invisible braces in OKC. Our specialists perform hundreds of procedures annually, and our expertise is obvious. Obtaining a prettier, straighter smile does not require unpleasant metal brackets anymore. Our team can coordinate with your dental insurance and ensure financing is secure. Contact us today if you are interested in scheduling a free consultation.

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