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Deep Overbite and its Solution – Lingual Braces

May 20, 2019

Deep Overbite and its Solution – Lingual Braces

Photo at Orthodontic Art OKC working on a deep overbite.

Deep overbite is the most damaging to the teeth, and the health of the jaw joints of all bite disorders-it happens when the upper front teeth nearly overlap the lower front teeth. It also affects the aesthetics of the face. Often the lower teeth are ‘bell-shaped’ pointing outwards and the lower teeth’s top edges bite to the gum tissue in the mouth’s roofs such that it could remove the gum from the back of the top teeth over time. This can be a significant problem and often lead to frontal teeth loss.

The correction of deep overbite misalignment will not only make it easier to brush your teeth but also to keep your teeth healthy. Of course, the appearance of your smile also improves dramatically. A deep overbite can harm your jaw’s health and function and damage your teeth and gums. A deep overbite can also affect your face structure’s integrity. Treatment is critical to prevent secondary problems such as gum loss and potentially tooth and bone loss at an early stage in oral development.

Causes of Deep Overbite

A small lower jaw is the most frequent cause. If the bottom jaw is shorter than the top, the top teeth are “advancing” and the bottom teeth are still growing until the back or roof of the mouth is reached. Furthermore, as the lower front teeth grow below the top, they often come together, creating problems of crowding and alignment. A missing lower tooth is another cause of a deep bite. This creates a similar condition to a short lower jaw. Finally, extremely strong biting muscles that can deepen the bite, which is usual in patients who clamp or grind their teeth.

Why Should Deep Bite Be Fixed?

There are at least four more reasons to seek orthodontic treatment:

  • Lower front teeth tend to deteriorate faster. Patients who grind their lower teeth with the upper teeth have excessive wear which can cause tooth decay.
  • Painful sores or ulcers can develop when a patient bites the roof of the mouth. These can make it very uncomfortable to eat normally.
  • The orthodontist must close the space by moving the upper and the lower teeth especially if a significant amount of tooth structure has been lost.
  • The unraveling of crowding and twisting that often involves deep overbites requires correction to allow space for crowded teeth to align.

How do you correct the deep overbite with an orthodontist?

First, the upper, lower or both front teeth can be moved into a health position.

Secondly, you can extend the side and back teeth that open the bite to move back the front teeth.

Deep Bite Treatment

This often calls for a multidisciplinary approach involving orthodontics. Advanced orthodontic therapy can correct the incorrect alignment of your bite. Lingual braces are truly invisible as they are hidden behind the teeth. In some cases, lingual braces are especially good at treating overbite problems. Your orthodontist will suggest the best solution for your case. Come to Orthodontic Arts for a deep overbite solution.

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