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Complete Guide To Eating With Invisalign

Post Title One of Invisalign's greatest advantages is that it straightens your teeth without limiting your diet. In contrast to traditional braces, your invisible aligners are removable, so eating with invisalign gives you the freedom not to worry about lettuce being tucked into your brackets, or chocolate cake between your braces. However, while wearing Invisalign, [...]

Benefits of Using a Herbst Appliance

A photo of an overjet that needs the herbst appliance from Orthodontic Arts OKC.

Excessive space between the upper and lower front teeth, often called an “overjet”, is one of the most common orthodontic problems seen in adolescent patients. Although it may appear to be a problem with the position of the teeth, it is most often a problem with the position of the upper and lower jaws. Read more about why we use a herbst appliance to correct this issue at our practice.

Why Your Child Needs an Orthodontic Treatment

Post Title Parents and guardians often ask us one question: when they should take their child to see an orthodontist. Braces are often linked to teens so it might sound surprising to get early orthodontic treatment for avoiding future problems. In addition to checking your child's teeth, other problems can also be diagnosed with early [...]

Lingual Braces Food Restrictions List

Post Title When the lingual braces are attached for the first time or adjusted for the first few times you may feel a little discomfort inside your mouth. Soft food, easy for chewing, is your best choice for braces and sore mouths. While these diets help to control inflammation, they also safeguard the brackets so [...]

Your Orthodontist and Unique Qualities

Post Title You probably have already checked out some options online and have found some different doctors where you live if you are thinking of straightening your teeth. But is it important that you straighten your teeth at the right place for your braces in OKC at the correct price? We believe this and to explain why [...]