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Caring For Retainers: Helpful Do’s and Dont’s

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 Caring for Retainers  Retainers are an extremely important part of orthodontic care. Failure to properly use a retainer can result in teeth shifting back to their original positions. This can be especially heartbreaking after all of the hard work put in wearing braces. To ensure this doesn’t happen, retainers should be worn nightly following braces […]

Smiles That Inspire: Ciara Amir

Patient Highlight: Ciara Amir We’re thrilled to highlight our patient, Ciara, for our Smiles That Inspire series. Ciara has a unique job as a Medical Micropigmentologist and trainer. She spends most of her days helping women transform their appearance through the art of permanent makeup. When she isn’t doing procedures, she is teaching other women [...]