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Smiles That Inspire – Deuel Burk

Orthodontic Arts Smiles That Inspire: Deuel Burk

Shoes & Smiles It’s not every day that you meet a 16-year- old that is one of nine kids in his family, owns a customized shoe business AND plays for the number one volleyball team in the nation. “I play competitive volleyball for a club based in Tennessee named C2 Attack. You can always find […]

How Long Do Retainers Last? When To Get A Replacement Retainer

How long do retainers last?

Most retainers won’t last you for the rest of your life. So eventually, you’ll need a replacement retainer to keep your teeth straight. We’ve all heard from orthodontists and dentists about how important it is to wear your retainer once you have had your braces removed. In most cases, you should wear a retainer for […]