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How Do I Treat My Crossbite?

Post Title A crossbite is a type of teeth misalignment that happens when a healthy bite is distorted, and your teeth do not fit together as they should. The upper jaw teeth are positioned slightly over the lower jaw teeth in a right bite. A crossbite may look like your upper teeth (or tooth) hiding [...]

How to Select the Right Braces Colors

Post Title Today we teach you how to select the right braces colors! Your braces made up of metal brackets that are attached to your teeth during your treatment. A thin wire moves these brackets, held onto the site by small elastic bands, called ligatures. The bands are available in a variety of exciting colors, [...]

Nudge – Start Your Smile Journey


​Nudge is the perfect solution to upgrade your smile with minor movements. Starting at just $890, our trained orthodontists adjust your smile with a clear aligner treatment. This cost-effective and convenient treatment is PERFECT for our patients with less significant misalignment issues. Nudge is for both teens and adults!

FAQs on Orthodontic Braces

Post Title An increasing number of adults turn to  orthodontic braces in the hope of achieving their perfect smile. Orthodontists in Midtown, OKC, say that braces are a great way for your teeth to be straightened up, and make your smile to win. The result of your teeth, however, depends heavily on how well you [...]

Play Musical Instruments Well with Braces

Post Title Many orthodontic patients are fortunate enough to be musically talented–we are here to answer any questions you might have if you are concerned about how to wear bracing could affect your ability to play a wind instrument. You may find first of all that your brace affects your wind instrument's ability to play. [...]