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Learn About Your Braces Options!

Learn About Your Braces Options! You have options to achieve a more discreet look if you don’t like the look of the traditional metal braces. Three options include ceramic braces or clear braces, Invisalign or clear aligners and lingual braces or inside braces. It’s not just the treatment you have to think about. The advantages […]

Deep Overbite and its Solution – Lingual Braces

Post Title Deep overbite is the most damaging to the teeth, and the health of the jaw joints of all bite disorders-it happens when the upper front teeth nearly overlap the lower front teeth. It also affects the aesthetics of the face. Often the lower teeth are 'bell-shaped' pointing outwards and the lower teeth's top [...]

Damon Braces – Why It Should Be Your Choice

Damon Braces What Are Damon Braces? Damon braces are a popular method for orthodontic treatment. This is a little different from conventional braces. It incorporates the use of brackets that close around the wire, rather than using rubber bands. If you ask what the advantages of using damon braces are, many points can be brought up. If you are […]