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Can You Get Braces for Only Top or Bottom Teeth?

Post Title Patients often ask about the top teeth braces because either they have straight lower teeth or because they feel that they are not as visible, so they don't see the point. More often than not, there's someone interested in braces only on the bottom of the teeth. There are many factors which go [...]

Adult Orthodontic Treatment – Does It Work?

Post Title Human teeth are, ideally, as neatly aligned as piano keys. Sadly, many people have to fight with crooked teeth, biting problems or crowded smiles. These problems raise more concerns than cosmetics. Crowded or overlapping teeth can make oral diseases more common. It may be difficult to clean. Teeth which do not fit properly [...]

What Is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Post Title Your teeth will change as you grow. This sometimes means that you have overlapping teeth or even intermediate spaces. Whenever you're struggling with your teeth, you'll want a dental specialist to help you. You have both orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry options. Often people think braces are for young people, while adults just get [...]