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Interesting Orthodontists Facts

November 12, 2020

10 Interesting Orthodontist Facts

Orthodontics is a unique dental profession that specializes in treating irregularities. Unlike a routine visit at the dentist’s office, orthodontists can perform treatment for malocclusions and teeth alignment. Although orthodontics has been around for many years, many people don’t realize the profession’s intricacy.  These orthodontist facts can help patients understand more about the specialty. Interesting facts about orthodontists can vary from their education to the job itself.

Orthodontic Arts shares interesting facts about orthodontists1.) Orthodontists are dentists

 Many people assume that orthodontists and dentists are two completely separate professions that do not overlap, but that’s actually not true. Orthodontists are a type of dentist that can perform many routine dental duties and be able to treat certain facial irregularities. Both dentists and orthodontists are trained doctors in their field.

 2.) Orthodontists can potentially change the shape of a patient’s face

Orthodontists work inside the mouth, where specific alignment issues can impact the head. A malocclusion is considered a significant issue for jaw alignment and can be fixed over time with proper orthodontic care. By restructuring the teeth and jaw, a face can be positively impacted if the malocclusion is severe.

 3.) Orthodontists used to use gold braces

In the early 1900s, orthodontists’ preferred choice of material for braces was gold. Because it can be easily shaped, gold can stretch. This flexibility was seen as highly desirable for braces because of the option for future adjustment. Although gold is no longer currently used for braces, their material is designed so that it can be adjusted for future alignment.

 4.) Orthodontists now have plenty of choices to offer when it comes to braces

Braces are an extremely common treatment for both children and adults. Teeth alignment can impact facial structure, chewing, and even speech. Since braces now come in various materials, this has made it easier for some people to get treatment. Stainless steel, plastic, and ceramic are offered and invisible trays that can correct teeth alignment without wires. Both metal and plastic can straighten crooked teeth.

 5.) Orthodontists can provide personalized retainers

 Many orthodontists give the option for different colored or patterned retainers. Depending on the patient’s preference, these retainers can be a standard color or may even come in zebra print or neon colors. Since all retainers are customized to fit an individual’s mouth, these plastic and metal pieces make for highly unique identification.

 6.) Over 1 million Americans wear braces

There is no age limit to wearing classic or invisible braces. Depending on the individual, specific braces may be more beneficial than others, but teeth can be altered at any age. Braces are used to correct overbites and jaw misalignment and are also thought of as beneficial for cosmetic reasons. A straight smile with properly aligned teeth is common in the United States and can help individuals blend in.

 7.) Teeth will naturally shift throughout a lifetime

 Orthodontists are used to seeing teeth alignment change as the body and mouth age. As many individuals grow older, teeth are likely to shift forward in position. This can make teeth look crowded or misaligned. Depending on the individual’s jaw, this natural misalignment may become problematic in the future.

 8.) Braces are not magnetic

Rumors of braces picking up radio signals or collecting magnets were started years ago, but they hold no truth. Orthodontists frequently use metal braces and are used to hearing all kinds of questions. Braces do not increase the odds of getting struck by lightning nor are they likely to cause other objects to move.

 9.) On average, it takes students approximately six to ten years to become a certified orthodontist

 After finishing a bachelor’s degree, dental school is required. A dental Acceptance Test is often taken before a prospective orthodontist can even send in an application. After four years of dental school, orthodontists complete two or more years in a specialized program that focuses on practical experience. Becoming an orthodontist takes extensive schooling as well as training.

 10.) Orthodontists in London invented some of the most expensive braces in the world

 This original set of braces was sold and fitted for $13,000. While they were initially a one-time type of premium braces, they are now available to the general public in many countries. “Lingual braces” are almost invisible because of the way they are designed. By fixing the braces to the back of one’s teeth, an orthodontist can secure the braces in a discreet fashion. Orthodontists frequently combine the technical science of alignment structure with the art of a human body.

Orthodontic Arts shares orthodontist factsWhat Does An Orthodontist Do?

 Orthodontists have the opportunity to diagnose, treat, and prevent dental issues. These issues can pertain to jaw alignment, teeth alignment, and abnormalities of the mouth. The first part of the process will usually involve an exam.
 Many Orthodontist facts come from the instruments they use. Orthodontic “appliances” are simply tools that can be used to correct the alignment of teeth. Which dental and orthodontic tools are best needed for the job will depend on the individual. Currently, the orthodontics’ profession offers multiple options for braces, headgear, and retainers.
 Most of these orthodontist facts come from the rich history of mouth alignment. In one form or another, braces have existed for decades to correct the jaw and teeth. This profession is highly advanced in creating a beautiful and healthy smile through a complex system of metal materials, measurement tools, and x-ray technology.

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