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Are Retainers Supposed To Be Tight?

April 26, 2021

Are Your Retainers Fitting Correctly?

A typical question after getting fitted for retainers is “are retainers supposed to be tight?”.  Typically, the retainers should be tight, and the rigid retainers will consistently stabilize the teeth. During an appointment, the orthodontist could evaluate the positions of the teeth, the effectiveness of the treatments, and the tightness of the retainers. The orthodontist may also describe techniques that can help you to clean the retainers. Additionally, the expert could recommend other treatments that can improve the alignment of the teeth, and the specialist could answer your questions, indicate the price of each treatment, and describe numerous types of retainers.

How to Tighten Retainers

 The orthodontists can create removable retainers connected to a wire, and once you remove these retainers, our specialists could easily adjust the durable retainers. Generally, the adjustments may improve comfort, increase the tightness of the retainers and optimize the alignment of the teeth. Our experts can create a dental mold that will help the orthodontists evaluate your teeth if your teeth have shifted. Subsequently, we could design new retainers that can prevent your teeth from moving. 

Evaluating the Removable Retainers

my retainers are tight graphic  Our experts could create removable retainers that can stabilize the teeth for more than ten years, and sometimes, a patient could consistently utilize the retainers for 20 years. If a patient selects removable retainers, the individual can improve oral hygiene, eliminate dietary restrictions and customize the new retainers. Moreover, experienced orthodontists can easily create copies of the retainers, and the new products will feature clear materials.

 Typically, the retainers contain plastic, acrylic materials, or polyurethane. The materials could significantly increase the durability of the retainers. Yet, the custom retainers can also improve the patient’s comfort, reduce the effects of heat and increase the transparency of the materials.

Choosing a Hawley Retainer That Can Stabilize the Teeth

 After our orthodontists examine a patient’s teeth, the experts could design a Hawley retainer, which will feature a metal wire. The wire can surround six of the front teeth, and the Hawley retainer contains two adjustable loops. The durable retainer also features an arch that can stabilize the retainer. This component is made of acrylic materials, and while a patient is wearing the retainer, the arch will be situated below the palate of the mouth. 

 The patient can frequently clean the retainers, and the wearer could remove bacteria, particles of food, and excess saliva. When the patient washes the retainers, the individual should not apply hot water because excessive heat could modify the contour of the retainers. Instead, the patient may utilize a toothbrush that can gently clean the grooves of the retainers.

 Our orthodontists could provide a durable case that can protect the retainers, and the patient may place an effervescent cleanser into the case. This liquid can quickly eliminate bacteria, fungi, and several types of microorganisms. The effervescent cleanser could substantially reduce the risk of infections, yet the antibacterial liquid may also decrease inflammation, prevent gingivitis and reduce tenderness.

Protecting the Teeth and Evaluating the Effects of Bruxism

are my retainers suppposed to be tight graphicAccording to multiple reports, more than 10 percent of patients frequently grind their teeth, and bruxism could weaken the enamel, affect the contour of the teeth, increase inflammation, and chip the teeth. Sometimes, bruxism may also cause soreness that affects the temporomandibular joint.

 If a patient is experiencing bruxism, the retainers can effectively protect the teeth, and consequently, the retainers may prevent pain, temporomandibular disorders, and dental fractures. Numerous reports have also indicated that durable retainers can significantly reduce the costs of dental services in the future.

Are Retainers Supposed To Be Tight?

 Many patients have indicated that their retainers are very tight, and occasionally, some patients might experience mild soreness. Usually, the minor pain could indicate that the teeth have shifted. While you wear the retainers, the mild pain should gradually subside, yet you could contact our orthodontists if you experience discomfort. The experts can thoroughly evaluate the positions of the teeth, the alignment of the retainer, and the patient’s experience.

Scheduling an Appointment and Choosing Multiple Treatments

 Our orthodontists can provide durable retainers that could realign the teeth, optimize the patient’s smile and improve the client’s comfort. Orthodontic Arts offers metal braces, Invisalign, and clear braces. The patient should also Complete our contact form, or call (405) 604-3745. Our helpful experts could answer many questions, schedule a consultation, estimate the costs of numerous services and evaluate the patient’s needs.

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